10 low-cap cryptocurrencies that you can invest in

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This is a platform built on top of blockchain technology with a specific focus on ensuring speedy and cost-effective payment transactions. With a market cap of $68.5 million and price of $0.05, it is a low-cap token to watch.

COTI chart

2. NKN (NKN)

The network is designed to be decentralized, with the primary goal of enhancing the overall performance of internet connectivity across diverse geographic locations. In addition, the network also seeks to bolster security by implementing advanced measures that mitigate the risks associated with online activities.

Market cap of $479.9 million and price $0.1


A decentralized exchange that uses a unique pricing algorithm to provide liquidity and reduce slippage.

Market cap: $47 million, and price: $0.1


A blockchain-based data marketplace that allows users to share and monetize data in a secure and transparent way Ocean price: $0.36. Market cap: $225.7 million.


A decentralized options trading platform that offers low fees and fast settlement times.

HEGIC market price: $0.01. Market cap: $9 million.

6. VIDT Datalink (VIDT)

The network said that their cutting-edge solution utilizes blockchain technology to provide a highly secure and reliable means of verifying and safeguarding your digital documents and data. This innovative approach guarantees that your sensitive information is protected against unauthorized access or alterations. Through the power of blockchain, we provide an unalterable and transparent record of every transaction, ensuring that your data remains secure and tamper-proof. VIDT’s market price is $0.02. it’s market cap is $17.6 million.

7. BAND Protocol (BAND)

A decentralized oracle platform that connects smart contracts to external data sources. Its market price is $1.28, while its market cap is $163 million.

Band protocol chart

8. REN (REN)

A protocol for interoperability between different blockchain networks, allowing users to transfer assets seamlessly.

Ren’s market price is $0.066, while its market cap is $66 million.

9. Gnosis (GNO)

This platform operates in a decentralized manner, enabling users to access prediction markets where they can place bets on the result of diverse real-world events.

Gnosis price is $122. Its market cap is $314.6 million.

10. Mithril (MITH)

A dynamic social media platform that incentivizes and offers rewards to users for their active participation in creating and sharing engaging content.

Mithril’s price is $0.001, and its market cap is $1.7 million.

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Author: Jofor Humani

Jofor is a crypto journalist with passion for investigative reviews.