1btrade Announced Service Based on Integrity


One of the beauties of the internet is that you have no way of knowing what is happening behind the scene when you’re on a site. This is why the web has become the choice medium through which people project what images they want the world to perceive about them as we shall see with 1btrade, another investment site that promises to help people make money online.

The advent of Bitcoin as a store of value in recent year literally removed barriers that hitherto militated against online payments. This has made it possible for sites to have greater reach in terms of clients who conveniently send or receive payments without hindrance.

This has also been taken advantage of by scam artists and other malicious users who have preyed on the uninformed because they believe that it is difficult to track them behind the seeming anonymity of the web.

What is 1btrade?

1btrade claims to be a group of professional financial asset managers. The platform according to its site, caters for all types of investors irrespective of the volume of assets they hold and promised that their services are conducted with the greatest form of integrity.

1btradeIt further emphasized that the success of its investment programs stem from the fact that the investors are assured their profits. It highlighted that the team members and supporters are located all over the world. These are statisticians, developers, marketers who gain support from the company’s platform.

What Business is 1btrade into?

When you look through the 1btrade site, one surprising finding is that there is no mention of what the company or whoever is behind the site does to make money.

In other words, this is an entity that wants you to send them your funds promising that you would make profit because they’ll manage it with transparency, but without telling you how they will make your money work for you.

Assuming this is an oversight, it shows that the activities of the company are not important. That could be the only reason no one mentioned it. If there is no business activity, how would they make profit to pay you unless it is another ponzi scheme which in reality is scam.

It is possible that the company is hoping to pay the older investors with the funds raised by the new one. If this is the case, it is important to understand that ponzi scams are not sustainable because they cannot get enough people to sustain it.

Plagiarized Content

1btradeScam sites almost never completely have original content. This is because the scammers behind it mostly do not have original ideas and would copy the ideas of other sites which may be into genuine businesses or illegitimate ones.

The 1btrade content were plagiarized from several sources and this can be seen from different sections of the site with zero uniqueness rating on plagiarism checking software.


Granted, many users of sites like this are not aware that they are dealing with scams. This is the essence of reviews like this and why every investor must crosscheck the promises offered on a site before making an investment.

More importantly, they should never invest on a random site because that is the quickest way to lose their funds. Research and due diligence must be carried out before deciding on a site to make financial investment with. Such must be regulated by the relevant authorities. This is the only way to make certain that the invested funds would not be lost.

No Information About Owners

Reputable investment sites are registered and approved by relevant agencies that have oversight functions over their activities Click To Tweet. This could not be said about 1btrade as there is no evidence that the site is backed by a legitimate company.

Also, no mention was made of the owners or the team managing the funds. This means that investing with this site is similar to sending your money to faceless strangers who you do not even know where they are located.

Location Address for Sale

1btradeThe Australian address shown on the site is most likely fake as there is no evidence that the company is operating from there. In fact, our search shows that 133-139 City Road Southbank Melbourne Australia which the site claims is its operational office is a residential apartment that is on sale.

1btrade Investment and Referral Plans

Sites like 1btrade depend on referrals for traffic. 1btrade is paying between 7 to 10 percent of the deposits made by the investor to the referrer. Although it is not clear if the site would pay its marketers, what is obvious is that the investor would be the ultimate loser.

1btradeThere are four investment plans available on the site. These are bronze, Silver, Gold and Diamond for which the site claims it pays from 20 percent in 24 hours for the Bronze, 25 percent in 2 days for the Silver, 65 percent in 24 hours for the Gold and 75 percent in 2 days for the Diamond.

You do not need to be told that this is a clear attempt to steal your funds. There is no genuine business capable of paying all its investors such significant amount of returns on their investments.


There are many scam sites that are designed to steal funds from people. Many do quite a good job of deceiving people while others are too lazy to work hard at their ignoble schemes.

1btrade is among the scam sites whose owners are even too lazy to be convincing. However, we are aware that people still get deceived by sites such as this.

If you’re interested in a regulated site where you can invest your funds and make profit by copying what other do, check here for our recommendation. If you already own bitcoin and seek to trade it for profit, check this one.

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Author: Jofor Humani

Jofor is a crypto journalist with passion for investigative review of projects with the aim to determine the authenticity of their claims.

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