1xBit.com – If you Play Games On This Site, You’d Be Sorry

1xBit is one of the Bitcoin gambling sites that has been around for some time. Unfortunately, the site has so many scam accusations against the owners that it makes sense to sift the fact from the fiction.

There are many gamblers that try to cheat casinos or even circumvent the Terms of Service (ToS) of such casinos. When the casino bans such cheat, the players usually claim they were cheated or exploited. In other cases, some casinos deliberately exploit loopholes to steal from their patrons.

In this review of 1xBit.com, we are going to look at the operations of this BTC casino, with the view of knowing how reliable it is, considering that it is your money at risk.    

What is 1xBit?

According to the site, it is a Bitcoin casino that has been operating since 2007. It stated that it has been offering exciting casino and sports wagers since then and offers users incredible gambling experience.

Its home page has some very enticing, if not convincing promotional copy that would make an avid gambler readily deposit their fund in this casino. Among its claims are, making players come for more games because of “a wide variety of sports”. Perhaps, what should make an experienced gambler with Bitcoin casinos wary is their so-called satisfactory pay-out from losing streaks.

“You can also turn a losing streak into a satisfying pay-out. Our losing bet bonus will reward you for having a losing streak. If you get 20 losses in a row, you can get a bonus depending on how much you staked. You could even get up to 0.5 BTC.”

We actually started wondering the correlation between that and some scam allegations brought against 1xBit by players.

Here is another:

Tired of websites who have quick deposits, but long payout waiting times? 1xBit deposits and withdrawals are done using bitcoin. It keeps your information private and keeps transactions quick and easy. This way, you won’t be losing any deposits or withdrawals. What more could you want?”

Scam Allegations

Considering that the site claims that they enable seamless deposits and withdrawals, it may surprise you to know the number of scam allegations against this BTC casino.

Locking User Account and Stealing Deposits

Here is a report that a user of the casino sent in months ago:

“I just got scammed by them. I have a 1xBet account since more than a year, I lost about 5000 euros overall. I made a lot of deposits and a lot of withdrawals without any problem.
For the first time, I won real money last week, about 800 euros. 5 days ago, they locked my account (with a balance of 2400 euros) when I tried to make a withdrawal.
They asked me every documents you can imagine : selfie holding document with email image, as background , proofs of my deposits …
I send them everything ! They made me fill out 2 claims where they ask me my favorite sport, my profession …
And now they asked me to send them by post to a Russian address photocopies of documents I already gave them …
They are playing with me, I know they will never unlock my account . I made some research on the net and I found out many customers who got scammed by 1xBet but unfortunately it was too late for me.

The complainant added that they sent the required documents to the address provided by 1xBit (which by the way is connected to another casino that has been flagged for scam 1xBet). The letter was not delivered because the address didn’t exist!

The norm among many crypto casinos is that if you do not require documents that shows your id to sign up, it must not be required to make withdrawals. Obviously, 1xBit was being dubious. Nevertheless, we checked their Terms of Service to know what could have been the issue.

Number 7 – 3 of the ToS states that 1xBit could

“refuse any withdrawal if the betting account is misused. In this case your account must be verified before withdrawal can take place.”

We presumed that this is the clause they base on for declining withdrawals. But what exactly constitutes a “misuse of account”?

  • And why would the player submit their documents and their funds are still not paid?
  • Why did 1xBit insist on receiving hard copies of the document?
  • Why did they provide a non-existent address?
  • These are the questions that puts a question mark on the integrity of this casino.

Missing Funds, Cancelled Bets and Account Blocked

Here is another complaint from a 1xBet/1xBit user (since the two exchanges are run by the same entity)

According to them, they had deposited 14 ETH in their 1xBit account, used the same to play bets and won:

“And just after at 2:05pm I tried to withdraw my winnings bets and it was rejected…I contacted the support, and they told me to wait for the response from the security service. Two hours later, all my bets have been cancelled and I can see only my deposit amount on my balance…”

They were contacted by 1xBit security service who informed the player that their account had been suspended for breaching a ToS 2 sub-point 3, which states that if the player is part of a network with the capacity to influence the outcome of a game, it would lead to cancellation of the bets.

Hers is the email from the security service:

Good Day. We want to inform you, that our company decided to stop any collaboration with you (closing your account). This decision is based on the official Terms and Conditions point 2 subpoint 31 of the betting company 1xbit.
We ask you not to create new accounts in our website. Pay your attention to the moment that if you try to create new accounts, we will block them. At the same time your actions have been a violation of the above mentioned Terms and Conditions. The Decision concerning the stopping any collaboration with you  is final and without appeal.
You can withdraw your funds.”

This player was lucky to have gotten their deposit of 14 ETH back. With this casino, it could be worse.

Deposits Even Vanish At 1xBit

It gets even more complicated with this casino. There are complaints from users whose deposits just wouldn’t reflect on their accounts even after days. The customer service’s response to such users is “We are working on it”. 14 days after!

These Are Not Isolated Cases

A deeper search for complains against the services of this casino shows that there are so many scam allegations on 1xBit and the sister BTC casino 1xBet. Here is a list of allegations that punters leveled against them on BitCoinTalk:

1XBet Sportsbook Player Has €12,696 Balance in Limbo
– 1XBet Sportsbook Player Launches Complaint
– 1XBet Cancels Wagers and Confiscates Balance, says Player
– 1XBet Sportsbook Player Reports $1,400 Confiscation
– 1XBet Sportsbook Player Has €2100+ Balance Confiscated
– 1XBet Sportsbook Case Update: €4,000 Confiscation
– 1XBet Player vs. Sportsbook: $400 Winnings Confiscation
– 1XBet Sportsbook Addresses €5,500 Payout Complaint
– 1XBet Player vs. Sportsbook: “Syndicate Wagering”
– 1XBet Sportsbook Player Waiting 3.5 Months for €5,000 Balance
– 1XBet Sportsbook Player: €1,400 Owed & Account Locked
– 1XBet Sportsbook Complaint Over Skrill Request
– 1XBet Sportsbook player has €6,797 balance in limbo
– 1XBet Sportsbook comments on €2,000 payout complaint
– SBR News Report on 1XBet Sportsbook’s Blacklisting
– 1XBet voids nine winning bets, says player
– 1XBet player has account frozen for three months
– 1XBet Player reports €2,000 balance confiscation
– 1XBet Sportsbook player has €5,500 confiscated
– 1XBet Sportsbook player has €1,400 confiscated
– 1XBet Player vs. Sportsbook: $8,600 in limbo
– 1XBet Sportsbook addresses payout complaint
– 1XBet Sportsbook Payout Complaint: €1,600 in Limbo
– 1XBet Sportsbook Player has $1,500 Confiscated
– 1XBet accuses sports bettor of fraud and confiscates €1200
– 1XBet keeps player in purgatory for a month and counting
– 1XBet Sportsbook added to scam website blacklist

Who is Behind 1xBit and 1xBet?

A Whois search of the domain shows that it was registered in 2016. The claim that they were operating sports bet since 2007 may be false. In any case, it is obvious that 1xBit and 1xBet are elaborate scams designed to steal your funds if you’re careless not to do a research on these Bitcoin casinos.


There are many reputable casinos that you could use to wager for games. We suggest that you avoid this site at all cost. I’d even not suggest gaming as a source of gain. At Cryptoinfowatch, we refer our readers to this site where they take advantage of the skills of expert traders, automatically copy them and get the same result. This sure beats throwing money to a fraudulent casino.





Author: Jofor Humani

Jofor is a crypto journalist with passion for investigative review of projects with the aim to determine the authenticity of their claims.

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