20,000 Bitcoin Articles On Google in 2019

On the 11th anniversary of the bitcoin genesis block, very few knew about its technology and the academic world has mostly ignored it. However, interest in Bitcoin and its Blockchain technology has been growing .

Just do the search for the name Bitcoin in Google Scholar (Google Scholar) Google  search engine specialized in scientific-academic literature. Currently, if you search in any language, it throws more than 108,000 documents or papers that name Bitcoin since 2008. As for documents in Spanish, the number is reduced but it is also significant: 3,000 documents ( 693 last year ).

The number of documents has been growing over the years. According to the search we did, in 2019 more than 19,8 00 academic articles focused on Bitcoin were published. In 2010 the number increased was just 136 academic reports. This number increased to 218 in 2011, and reached approximately 868 in 2013. In 2014, around 2,070 articles were published in Google Scholar .

Also, according to our search, the progression continued like this: In 2015 they rose to 5,000, in 2016 to 6,600, in 2017 to 11,900, in 2018 to 19,700

According to Cryptoknowmics media, from 2011 to 2013, several academic articles by Google Scholar declared that Blockchain technology would not last. While other studies issued in early 2011 also mentioned how cryptocurrency solutions and Blockchain could transform the financial world.

The number of academic articles increased to 218 in 2011, and reached approximately 868. In 2014, around 2070 academic articles were published on the Internet. In 2015 they rose to 5,000, in 2016 to 6,600, in 2017 to 11,900, in 2018 to 19,900.

Most Searched In Google Scholar

The document that appears first when we write the word Bitcoin in the specialized search engine (in any language) is the Whitepaper by Satoshi Nakamoto, cited by more than 8,700 papers. Followed by a 2016 document entitled The inefficiency of Bitcoin, whose author is Andrew Urquhart . The paper was published by the academic journal Economics Letters , volume 148. It has been cited 403 times.

Another paper that appears to be among the most searched is Blockchain Technology: Beyond Bitcoin by authors Michael Crosby (Google ) , Nachiappan ( Yahoo ) , Pradan Pattanayak (Yahoo) , Sanjeev Verma ( Samsung Research America ) and Vignesh Kalyanaraman (Fairchild Semiconductor ) . He appeared in 2016 in the Berkeley Engineering magazine.


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