2XMining.com – Do You Know Why Scam Sites Don’t Tire?

2xmining is another site that promises investors big profits in the “do little, earn much” concept that has become an albatross on the crypto industry an internet based investments generally.

Like similar sites, the aim is to convince the user that making money, especially cryptocurrencies is easy. That all the investor needs is send some coins and wait a few hours or days and get back  100%, 200% or even more.

Sites like 2xmining thrive because the lure for quick money is real. People mostly want easy money so scammers leverage on this desire to steal from them.

What Does 2Xmining Do?

The site claims to be a professionally managed investment platform involved in various businesses such as stocks, oil and gas, crypto trading and FOREX even though they provided little or no proof to show that they are into any businesses at all.

The company claims to be registered and even provided a physical address. In fact, this is one of those very childish scams that surprise any investigator on how they manage to convince some users to send them money.

One of the barefaced evidence that you’re dealing with a scam with 2Xmining is that the site adjudged itself as “paying” according to its self analyzing monitor.

In other words, skeptics should base their investment decisions on the reliability of the site through its assessment of its own ability to pay and not through independent reviews.

Physical Office is Virtual

2xminingThe physical address claimed by 2Xmining is 15 Wheeler Gate, Nottingham. This is a virtual office from all indications because this bloock of offices is noted for its virtual office service. The type that new businesses such as Ponzi schemes would use.

This shows that even if you attempt to locate the people behind 2Xmining, you’re likely to encounter no one here.

The company registration number, 11073018 belongs to WBO Bitcoin Mining Limited. The registered address is somewhere in Cardiff unlike the claims of 2Xmining that it has a physical address in Nottingham.

WBO Bitcoin Mining was incorporated on November 20, 2017 and there is no proof that the two entities WBO and 2XMining are related since one is registered in Cardiff while the other has an office in Nottingham.

Although WBO may seem a mining company, its registered business is “financial leasing”. These may not be strong reasons to declare 2Xmining a scam, clearer reason could be seen with the company’s investment plans.

Unrealistic Investment Plans

One of the features of scam investment sites is that they usually offer ROI that is far from practicable. The reason why they offer high profit to investors is that it is the only way to attract the attention of many and prompt them to send funds to the scam site.

According to 2Xmining, they’re offering buyers of their investment schemes.

The plans offered by 2Xmining are:

120% after 1 day with minimum investment of $10, 140% after 2 days minimum investment $100, %200  in 2 days with a minimum investment of $1000 and another plan offering 250% after 3 days with minimum investment of $5000.

The Futility of Scam Investment

Scams thrive just because people are greedy and scammers are aware of that. Commonsense ought to tell everyone that there is no investment with the capacity to pay 100% to unlimited number of investors.

Duration Online

Scam sites usually give visitors the impression that they’ve been online a long time. The essence is for potential investors to think that the site has built an online reputation and are therefore reliable.

2xminingAccording to the 2Xmining site, the project has been online for 1166 days, but a Whois search shows that the domain was registered on November 8, 2018. This means that the website has been online for 4 months and not the 3 years claimed by the site.

Scam sites use all types of blatant lies to convince people that they are trustworthy. The target is to get people to send the investment funds.

Dependence on Referrals

Another feature of scam sites as seen with 2Xmining is the dependence on referrals to sustain the site in the meantime.; What is clear is that these sites may pay small investors with funds paid by new participants.

However, this is not guaranteed especially for big investors. Any investors that exhibits gullibility by making huge deposits to scam sites would likely lose them.

Scam sites pay the small investors to use them as baits to entice new participants. 2Xmining offers affiliates 5% to recruit new people for them.

Ordinarily, affiliates of HYIPs such as 2Xmining are mostly people who do not care if the investors make gains or losses. Their primary interest is the referral commission they make from investors’ deposits.


A list on the site displays payments purportedly made on the site. These are definitely false claims of deposits and withdrawals meant to deceive the gullible.


People that hang around high yield investment scams do so because they think that they may just get lucky and make free money.

The reality is quite the converse because scammers are in the business to steal from people. Even if they create the impression that they’re genuine, their objective is the same.

2Xmining is a confirmed scam. Sending money to this scam is like donating your funds to thieves. For a better investment, check my recommendation. This is a site where you can copy the investment of traders and other professional investors and grow your assets.

If you’ve had experience with this site, please send in your comments below.


Author: Jofor Humani

Jofor is a crypto journalist with passion for investigative review of projects with the aim to determine the authenticity of their claims.

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