55% Of Ethereum Addresses Are Now In Profit


The market price of ether is currently $1,763.14 at 5.25 PM Paris time, on June 3, 2022. At this price, 55% of wallet addresses holding the digital currency are in profit. This is based on blockchain data from IntoTheBlock. According to the information, addresses holding ETH that are still at a loss are 43 percent, while 3% are at their breakeven point.

With the Ethereum market sentiment still bearish, 54.51 percent who are now in money are 42.82 million addresses. 33.63 million addresses that are out of money represent 42.81% of all Ethereum addresses. 2.1 million addresses that are the breakeven point represent 2.68% of all Ethereum addresses.

Whales, Investors And Retail Holders

Whales are addresses that hold more than 1% of the total circulating supply of ETH, while investors are wallets that hold 0.1-1% of the total supply. According to on-chain data, 6 whale addresses make up 21.95% of whale concentration. Of these 4 Ethereum addresses that are classified as whales have made more than 300 transactions in its lifetime.

There are 106 investor addresses holding 0.1-1% of total ether circulation. Of these, 29 are high activity addresses while 77 are low activity addresses.

Whales hold 21.95% of the total ether in circulation. This is 26.04 million ether. Investor addresses make up 19.4% or 23.01 million ether. While the retail volume is 69.58 million ETH or 58.65% of the total ether in circulation.

Large Holder Inflow, Outflow And Netflow

Ethereum addresses

Large holder inflow of ETH peaked on May 12, 2022. The inflow amounted to 2.63 million when the market price of Ethereum was $1,947. On the same day, the outflow was 2.44 million ETH. These represent 35.46% and 35.18% increase over a period of 30 days.

On June 2, 2022, ETH high holder inflow was 617,400 ETH at the price of $1,816.95. This is a 77% decrease from the highest inflow of May 12.

The June 2 outflow was 563,060 ETH, a 79% drop in outflow from the May 12 volume.

Large holder net flow peaked on May 23 at 385,790 ETH, when the price of ether was $2,020. On June 2, ether large holder netflow was 54,340 ETH. This is an 86% drop from the May 23 high netflow.

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Author: Jinka Kamma

Jinka Kamma is passionate about the prospects of blockchain and the freedom cryptocurrencies afford people across borders. He holds small amounts of bitcoin and tether.

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