$6000 To Be Won in Tezos India Hackathon


India’s first Tezos Hackathon, TezIndia v. Harappa has the objective of encouraging the Indian developer community and the Tezos enthusiasts to build and promote on the platform.

Tezos India community since its establishment in September 2019 has made remarkable progress, especially in terms of awareness it has created for the smart contract platform.

To maintain the tempo, Tezos India Foundation in collaboration with Devfolio is organizing the first ever Tezos India Hackathon. This would create an opportunity for developers in the country to collaborate and interact with their teams as well as learn how to use Tezos for building decentralized applications.

One Month Hackathon

According to a Medium post by India Tezos foundation, the month-long hackathon would create an avenue for multiple tracks while prizes would be won by outstanding participants.

Developers would also win grants for every outstanding products they build during the session with DeFi attracting up to $500. Other products that would attract grants are applications that use NFTs as collectibles, tools built for facilitating Tezos for payment, web integration (UX) and core R&D.

Bounties are also available for developers that work on scaling solutions that would make Tezos faster, this is despite the fact that scaling is not among the main issues with Tezos. The Medium post highlighted this:

“Tezos is Fast. How about making it Furious! Trigger the accelerator and bring more power to Tezos. Build Layers, Scale it how you like it!”

There are myriads of opportunities for participants of the hackathon with best token application builder going home with an award as well. Tezos is a platform that encourages building and this is an opportunity for developers to exhibit their talents. Interested participants should sign up at the Tezos India Mediun site.

Author: Jofor Humani

Jofor is a crypto journalist with passion for investigative reviews.

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