8% Of All Game-Fi Protocols Are On Polygon Network


The Polygon blockchain is currently host to 8% of all game-fi protocols. This is according to data from Footprint Analytics, a blockchain visualization platform. The platform stat seen on June 13, shows that game-fi using the Polygon network constitute 8.4% of all in the space. It also shows that the Polygon blockchain is the third largest host to game-fi protocols.

There are currently 39 blockchains hosting game-fi protocols. Ethereum is still leading as the top blockchain where developers are building game-fi projects. The blockchain currently hosts 35.07% of games in the space. It is closely followed by the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), where 31.80% of games have been built. Other prominent chains hosting game-fi protocols are WAX, EOS and Tron. These blockchains account for 6.35, 4.07 and 3.27% of the games respectively.

Other Game-fi Blockchains

Other blockchains account for 10% of the games in the game-fi space. These blockchains are Ontology, Moonbeam, Avalanche, Hive, IOST, Steem, Solana and OKExChain.

More are ThunderCore, Harmony, Near, Tezos, Flow, Heco, Vulcan Forged, Klaytn, IoTeX, NEO, OEC and MOONRIVER.

Other networks where developers of game-fi protocols are building and deploying are Telos, FANTOM, Stacks, Zilliqa, DEP, Loom, Ronin, VeChain, Waves, ALGORAND, EVERSCALE, CRONOS and Astar.

The analytics shows that there has been no additions in the past month in the number of chains hosting game-fi protocols.

More Funding Goes Into Game-fi

The data shows that the number of daily game-fi users on June 13, is 663,866. This is down by 4.8% from the Saturday figure of  696,975. However, the average daily volume shot up by 200% on the same day to $27 million. On Saturday, the game-fi volume was $9 million.

Investors are still keen at investing in the budding game-fi space. A clear testimony to this is that $7.650 billion has been raised in funding since June. This is 0.05% more than the $7.645 billion raised in May.

I8 game-fi projects got seed round funding in January, 2022. 5 went through Series A and 5 through strategic funding, while 1 launched a pre-seed funding round. In February, 18 projects embarked on seed round funding, 7 went through strategic funding and 3 pre-seed funding. 2 others went through unknown funding round.

In March, 2 projects went through pre-seed, 5 projects, strategic rounds, 3, Series A and 18, seed round funding. 13 others went through unknown rounds. In April, 10 went through unknown rounds while 24 had seed funding. 3, Series A, 3 strategic and 2 projects had Series C funding.

In May, 6 projects had unknown funding round, 4 had seed round, 2 had strategic, 1 Series A and 2 pre-seed funding.

The Most Popular Game-fi

The most popular games in the space, ranked by volume are DeFi Kingdoms, Axie Infinity, MetaverseMiner, MOBOX: NFT Farmer, Bomb Crypto, Faraland, Alien Worlds, Crazy Defense Heroes, MetaKeeper and Titan Hunters.

The games that players love best, ranked by players themselves are Alien Worlds, Farmers World, Splinterlands, Upland, PlayMining, Axie Infinity, Arc8 by GAMEE, SecondLive, MOBOX: NFT Farmer and High tower run.


Author: Jofor Humani

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