A Clickfunnels Review: Automating Your ICO

A Clickfunnels Review

This is a Clickfunnels review that shows how teams launching ICOs can take advantage of this automation software to sell more tokens. By extension, businesses in the crypto industry will benefit from it as well.

Everyone knows that launching a successful ICO is no mean feat. This is so because there are a lot of factors that are essential for the crowd-sale to go through successfully. The most prominent of these is having too many initial coin offerings which has made investors generally weary of them.

This apathy makes prominent the dwindling fortune of the industry as prices plummet thereby ensuring that the days of massive profit are over for the ICO teams and investors.

Launching ICO is Tasking

Genuine ICO teams spend a lot of time behind the scene to make sure that everything works out well, however after all the preparations it is important that the team actually sells the token. To do this, effective marketing is essential.

Selling the token is the most important aspect of initial coin offering because no matter how good a project is, if the tokens were not sold the team would lack needed funds for its execution.

Everything Counts in Sales

In sales, everything counts. Some of the important factors are publicity created for the project and efficiency of the projects marketing team to take advantage of it.

Marketing tokens is quite complex. This is why most ICO teams leverage bounties and outsourcing marketing functions to consultants to effectively promote their tokens. Nevertheless, we are all aware that the internet age has made people develop short attention span.

Effective marketing demands that the token be placed in front of many investors. This is done in an effective way but in practice, there is much left desired.

Clickfunnels Can Help Token Sale

A Clickfunnel ReviewThis is where sales funnel comes in handy to make sure that investors interested in the token are effectively followed up. Funnels automate sales and effectively market to a prospect and ensures that the benefits of buying is clear to them. This increases the chances of converting them buyers.

Sales software such as Clickfunnels are applicable in all niches and are well-suited for selling tokens. Clickfunnels will interest ICOs since it can increase the likelihood of investors buying the token by more than 40 percent.

Funnels for Various Uses

The software has been proven to fit different types of business. Its use will improve conversion for crypto-related projects. Businesses that use Clickfunnels have seen amazing results that are replicable with crypto projects. The effect of its efficiency is such that this sales model is now preferred because it has greater conversion rate than the traditional model.

Its strength lies in the ability to effectively channel investors or clients and class, qualify and automatically follow them up with a scientific precision. This ensures that they convert to buyers of the token.

A Complete Business Suite

Inside the Clickfunnels, there are several other lead-generating funnels customized to meet the need of every business. For instance, if you are thinking of running a webinar for your investors or coin community, there is a funnel for that.

The encompassing nature of the software is peculiar in this aspect. It is not as if it is the only sales funnel software in the market but its ability to differentiate the need of the user is what sets it apart from others.

For instance, there is a funnel for bloggers, a funnel for consultants, counseling services, for selling physical or digital products and a lot more.

A Funnel to Revolutionize Sale for Businesses

I’ve been trying out Clickfunnels and think this software can revolutionize selling for ICO teams. The days of dearth of token sale may not yet be over. Its use is not limited to ICOs but every business irrespective of size.

For the Bitcoin community, it is a service that could be leveraged on to create more awareness for the coin and possibly effectively ‘sell’ its monetary and asset features. The potentials are just immense and taking a peek at the software should convince anyone.

Quick Generation of Leads

A Clickfunnels ReviewIt features the ability to generate leads quickly. Ordinarily, we know that the conventional lead generation comprises direct capture page that analysts say has conversion rate of 8 percent. The Clickfunnels system is designed for effective up-sell and even down-sell thereby increasing conversion by 60 percent.

A massive 70 percent conversion is what makes this software an attraction for every business and the reason why I think that it is something that the crypto industry needs especially in selling tokens during ICO.

Complete Business Solution

This may sound hypey but I did find the software a complete suite for business solutions in that it is a quicker way to generate sales irrespective of your line of business.

It brings all the sections of a business under one platform. If you decide to check up the Free Trial, you’d find highly converting templates that can knock out lead pages.

Features such as the ability to host webinars, create order pages and even set up an affiliate bootstrap makes the platform the dream of every business. What I liked best is that you can build your own membership site on the platform.

In summary, Clickfunnels is a complete suite for any business that needs sales. I would recommend it for ICO teams any day.

Pricing – What I Don’t Like

Although the platform has a 14-day free trial which is a good idea it’s not priced cheap at $97/month even though it is well worth it. To me, this is the set-back of this software considering that this is the basic option. The Enterprise option is priced even higher at $297/month.

A clickfunnels review

Nevertheless, being able to try this out for 2 weeks, I think it’s something I can stick with for my business considering that this software has 98 percent satisfied users.

One other thing I don’t like about it is that you really need some time getting a hand on how to set things up. Luckily, the company has video how-to guides that are very helpful.

Win Your Dream Car Promoting Clickfunnels

A Clickfunnels ReviewI decided to give a Clickfunnels review because the software “wow”ed me and I believe that the crypto industry can use it.

The company is so confident in its product that it is giving away supercars to its promoters. It reminded me of the love of the crypto community for supercars such as Lamborghini. We are all aware of WhenLambo the company that helps Bitcoin lovers calculate when their hodling is enough for the the car.

With Clickfunnels, you can also win your dream car if you join the promoters of the sales software. Your dream car could be months away with this amazing sales software.

What do you think about Clickfunnels and its prospects? Perhaps you’ve used it and would like to share your experience for ICO teams.







Author: Jofor Humani

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11 thoughts on “A Clickfunnels Review: Automating Your ICO

  1. Very interesting review!

    It does sound like ICO’s can be very tasking to say the least!

    It does sound like the generation leads is very good with it but can a newbie warrant the price tag do you think?

    Thanks for sharing


    1. Yes Mike, the price of Clickfunnels may be high for small businesses but the result it delivers is amazing. What I like best is that it doubles, triples or even quadruples your sales. That the owners are buying dream cars for the promoters is a great incemtive too.

  2. This review is very good and informative. I have heard about crypto currency and didn’t knew much about it before this amazing post came across. Thank you so much for sharing this great information. It will benefit people like me who knew very less about it. If I plan to go for this I will consult your website for sure. Than you

  3. Excellent review of this product. I have heard of it but wasn’t sure exactly how it works. But you explained in an easy to understand way the main features and benefits. I liked your honest view on this product. I would consider trying to see if it improves my leads and the basic price could be compensate if the business produces enough to cover for it. I guess it will depend on how beneficial is for the business.
    Thanks for sharing

  4. I didn’t know that ICO teams are finding it hard to make sales. I know Clickfunnels is good for making Sales pages and Landing pages. I can see this tool helping create sales for any product. Thank you for the updated information on Clickfunnels!

    1. The challenge ICOs is haveing is a result of the lower bitcoin price. Most investors are wary but ICOs can utilize Clickfunnels to improse token sales.

  5. Hi Jofor,

    What an amazing review on Click Funnel. I have heard about it before but I had not taken interest with it because I thought that it was so complicated. Now that i have read this article, I had more understanding on what it could do to ones business.

    I am glad to hear that they give a trial period, though, i personally think that the amount of $97/month is expensive. And i am intrigued to know that they are giving out supercars to their promoters.

    Thanks for sharing this article.

    1. Yes Joyce, I too think clickfunnels is not cheap at that price though the consolation is in its high conversion rate. I’m really trying it out and think it is one of the best funnels out there that can make you money.

  6. I’ve been looking into crypto for some time, which is the reason I’m on your site\, but glad I came across this review and will need to try this click-funnels out for my other online businesses. Sounds very interesting and if I’m able to get more conversions through this then it’s a win-win.

    1. Jason, I think that it’s a good sales software that is well worth it. I’m actually trying it out and what I’ve seen so far is interesting.

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