A Scammer Loses $600,000 Worth of Assets to a Phishing Scam


In what may be described as a big loss under normal circumstances, a wallet address associated with cryptocurrency fraudster r9jasontrezor has fallen prey to a phishing scam. The wallet was drained of assets estimated to be worth over $600,000.

A fake HV-MTL game site hook

Cirrus NFT posted the loss in a Twitter post, where he wrote,

“Ah man, worst account drain I’ve seen in a while. 2 BAYC, 9 MAYC, 2 BAKC, 5 Kodas, 3 Penguins, 11 Otherdeeds, and 5 HV-MTL were all phished, likely through a fake HV-MTL game site. Apes were fully staked too, so approximately $600k in assets gone in a second. Careful out there gamers.”

However, ZachXBT noticed the post and pointed out that the victim of the account drain is a fraudster who apparently fell for the fake HV-MTL game site that Cirrus mentioned in his post.

Stolen via 7 transactions and 13 revocations

Zach  made reference to an August 11, 2022, post made by @sam01sam01, where he wrote:

“He is a scammer.” He stole me 2 NFT and 0.1 ETH with his friend օhyeahdavid#0001 on discord. His profile on OpenSea is: https://opensea.io/r9jasontrezor His wallet address is: 0xae68B683413e70b2Cb5Ba7a5Ce2BD16FAA4C02d3.

A look at the transactions that stole the assets from the address shows that the wallet actually signed two legitimate transactions out of seven interactions with the fake platform. The account drain was carried out using 20 transactions, 13 of which were revocations.

Author: Chris Mharc

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