A Guide to Trading Cryptocurrency Effectively To Make Gains


As more governments, organizations, and individuals are beginning to accept cryptocurrencies, they are also seeking ways to get more gains out of Bitcoin and other altcoins.

Trading cryptocurrencies is of the ways to earn from crypto. But choosing this method of profiting from cryptocurrency demands that you have the basic knowledge of trading in the crypto space. In this short guide, you will learn about crypto trading, its benefits, and how to do it successfully. First, let’s understand what it means to trade cryptocurrencies.


What is cryptocurrency trading?

Trading cryptocurrency follows the same logic and models of trading fiat currencies and commodities on exchanges. Cryptocurrency trading is the buying and selling of Bitcoin and altcoins. It involves the pairing of Bitcoin against altcoins and in some cases crypto coins against fiat currencies. The ideology of trading cryptos is to earn profits on trades on a short-term basis. Just like trading forex and commodities, you will need to learn cryptocurrency trading strategies to succeed in your trades.


Benefits of Trading Cryptocurrency

Besides the earnings you get from trading cryptocurrencies, there are some attendant benefits you derive as well. These benefits include:

24 Hours Trading

Since cryptocurrency trading is not restricted like the regular stock markets, you can trade Bitcoin and other altcoins 24/7. There are no trade hours restrictions whatsoever and this allows you to trade at any time of the day, even after work hours.

Leveraged Earnings

Trading crypto helps you earn more because you can leverage your trading capital. Unlike investing in and holding a coin for a long time, you can easily deposit your funds in your trading account and leverage your initial deposit to earn more money. Different exchanges have different leverage rates. Be sure to check out the various leverage rates of your preferred exchange.


How to Trade Cryptocurrency

For traders who are new to the crypto space, it is important to know how to kickstart their cryptocurrency trading journey. Follow these steps to get started.

Choose a Cryptocurrency Exchange

There are lots of cryptocurrency exchanges you can choose from. They include Binance, FTX, Coinbase, Kraken, and lots more.

Register and Fund Your Account

Use your real details to open a trading account and find your account. You can transfer Bitcoin and altcoins directly to your account. And you can transfer fiat and purchase your preferred coins on the exchange.

Select a Trading Strategy

Just like the traditional stock exchange, you will need to employ different proven strategies to earn returns on your investment. And you will need to improve your knowledge continuously to become versed in trading cryptos.

Note: Securely guard your crypto assets against theft by using 2-step verification and hard wallets. Also, bookmark your exchange site to protect your funds from phishing sites.



Trading cryptocurrency is a great way to earn extra income or you can decide to buy and sell Bitcoin and altcoins full-time. Whatever decision you take, be sure to learn and gain knowledge about trading crypto coins before investing your funds to guard against loss.


Author: Miriam