A1Investment: When Capers Dream Big About Your Money


There are two sites that we encountered in this present review. What is surprising is that both of them have similar domain names of A1Investment. The difference in their domains is that while one is the premium dot com, the other is dot net.

It is possible that both sites have the same owner. It is also a possibility that it is mere coincidence that both sites bear the same name. We searched these investment sites to know if they are worth your attention as an investor.

What is A1Investment?


As we have already stated, these are two sites that claim that they are investment managers. The main difference is that the dot com variant is also conducting a crowdsale so investors are expected to send some cryptocurrencies to the site.

Since ICOs are sometimes time sensitive, we took a look at the site to understand what the owners offer as incentive for potential investors but there was little information.

For A1Investment.com, it is instructive that the site did not feature information that would enable an investor make informed decision about the sale. For instance, it has no whitepaper that explains what the project is about. This is rather weird for a blockchain project.

As if that’s not enough reason for concern, it has no information about the team behind it. This is a red sign because every blockchain project these days features a team with verifiable identities. They don’t really expect people to send money to strangers who are anonymous. Doing this means that there’s no one to hold responsible if something goes wrong.


The site claims that it plans to raise $55 million as hardcap and that it has already raised 2,981 BTC. Ordinarily, this may have made sense if there is a blockchain explorer, but there is none. There is no evidence that this is a blockchain project.

The discrepancies in the project information are the reason why we are certain that this is not a reliable project. The fact that none of the data provided is verifiable should give cause for concern.

The site claims that it is a smart contract project built on Ethereum. Still it could not provide evidence that this is so. There is no token but investors are expected to send funds to the owner of the site. There is no information on how the investment would generate profit. There is no ticker associated with the project because there is no token.

Based on the fact that this site has no whitepaper, no token and the fact that there is no identifiable team, it is dangerous to make investment with it.

The Other A1Investment


The second company, A1Investment.net was packaged as a high-end firm involved in private equity investment it claims to be operated by a team of professionals. These supposedly manage portfolios for clients enabling them to meet their financial goals.

In a superficial sense, you may believe that A1Investment.net is a serious investment firm but what should strike a savvy investor is the fact that there isn’t a genuine clear cut investment strategy. The site didn’t explain how the company makes money debar the generic “private equity investment” and “portfolio management”.

This means that taking this site seriously is like a shot in the dark. The content of the site were tailored to lure the potential investor to believe that they would make money. There is even a testimonial page that has unsubstantiated claims.

No Evidence of A Team

It is surprisingly interesting that a site that claims to operate 12 offices in 11 countries could not provide evidence that it is managed by real professionals. The CEO and other team members were not mentioned on the site. There are images of a man and a lady which is meant to put a face to the team but a reverse engineering shows that these were fakes.



A site that uses images taken from the internet as that of representatives is not trustworthy. If you’re considering sending funds to this site beware. The site even has a minimum deposit of $10,000 which means that it targets not small investors like as many scams do.

Poorly Structured Web Copy

If you’re used to genuine investment sites, you’ll not be in doubt when you come across a fake or fraudulent one. Even though there are times fraudsters do a great job at setting up deceitful sites, poor web copy is almost always evidence that you’re dealing with fraudsters.

You’ll usually see content meant to deceive or confuse the reader such as:

“We seek to invest in well-positioned companies with operational and strategic improvement potential and partner with management teams to create value by driving revenue and earnings growth.”


A1Investment whether dot com or dot net are fraudulent sites that should be avoided by every investor or cryptocurrency enthusiast. Good investment companies do not conceal the identities of the owners. They are regulated by the relevant agencies and they do not deceive people with bogus claims.

For the site that we recommend, you can invest and copy a good trader and see some profit. It makes sense than losing your fund to a scam.

What is your opinion about A1Investment? Please do let us know using the comment box.



Author: Jofor Humani

Jofor is a crypto journalist with passion for investigative review of projects with the aim to determine the authenticity of their claims.

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