Aeternity Selects 7 Blockchain Startups for Mentorship


The Aeternity’s StarFleetIndia mentorship program has entered its second phase with the selection of 7 blockchain startups. These projects will benefit from the expertise of the network through the receipt of guidance and top-level workshops and lectures.

The selection of the seven projects from a pool of more than 170 applications that were trimmed to 13 after careful analysis and scrutiny was concluded on March 8, 2020.

The Aeternity selection team stated that all 13 startups have great potentials making it a hard choice to choose the qualifying projects. Nevertheless, the selected startups are:

Drife, a ride hailing platform that seeks to employ blockchain in the empowerment of the value creators. Its emphasis on drivers and commuter empowerment makes it a top choice for the Aeternity/Starfleet support.

Another beneficiary is Hypersign, a decentralized identity management solution. The company would make it easier to manage online accounts and passwords without the need to depend on third-parties such as Google.

Pontis, another winner is a project that would bring the power of De-Fi to the masses through inclusion. The two-member team is operating from out of Bangalore, India.

Murmur is a decentralized social media platform that solves the problem of censorship through censor-resistant, filtering process that ensures that only credible news is spread by users. Abhinav Ramesh, the CEO of the company believes that it has what it takes to revolutionize the social space.

The fifth company that would benefit from the award is QuillTrace. This

“is a blockchain-technology based SaaS platform for supply chain management that solves traceability, trust, and transparency.”

GoFinito provides smart solutions for shoppers that alleviate the stress of shopping. It also helps retailers build brand loyalty through its programs. ESGRobo, the 7th winner is all about provision of solution to corporate bodies through sustainability. The company’s focus is on the supply chain of the fashion industry.

Author: Jofor Humani

Jofor is a crypto journalist with passion for investigative reviews.

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