Amazon NFT Marketplace Reportedly Launching On May 15 After Several Delays

amazon nft marketplace

The highly-rumored Amazon Digital Marketplace may finally be launching on May 15 after several delays. This was revealed in a Twitter thread by web3 researcher and NFT collector Moritz.

Despite being originally scheduled to launch last year, Amazon has continued to remain tight-lipped about the service, not releasing a single official statement about it since the rumors started flying around.

In addition to a fully-featured marketplace, sources also hint that the company might be planning to launch its unique blockchain that works with Chainlink, Ethereum, and Avalanche at launch, with the possibility of integrating more blockchains in the future.

While the NFT marketplace will focus on digital products, leaks reveal that physical products may also be available, and it will integrate Amazon’s in-house payment system to make it accessible to users not familiar with cryptocurrencies and web3 as a whole.

Other rumors

According to an older report from Yahoo Finance, the new marketplace will reportedly use users’ existing Amazon accounts as their crypto wallets, eliminating the need for specialized cryptocurrency wallets.

The platform is expected to launch initially in the United States, expanding to other countries worldwide if it succeeds after launch. Also, the Amazon Digital Marketplace should launch with 15 collections to be available to users on day one.

Also, an exclusive report from Blockworks stated that Amazon will partner with Beeple and Pudgy Penguins before the launch date, hinting at what collections to expect on launch day. While Blockworks didn’t report a specific launch date, it hinted that Amazon plans to release the service before Prime Day, a timeline that doesn’t contradict Moritz’s report.

With Amazon’s 197 million active monthly users, the rumored NFT marketplace has more potential than platforms currently available. However, it’s essential to manage one’s expectations, as there’s still no official information about it from Amazon. Going by widely available information about it, however, May 15 is the newest date to expect an NFT marketplace from the e-commerce behemoth.


Author: Raji

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