Animoon, a $6.3 million crypto rug-pull is under criminal investigation by the French authorities

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The French authorities are investigating another cryptocurrency NFT project, Animoon, that made away with $6.3 million in investors’ funds.

The Prosecutor of The Republic of Paris initiated investigations into the activities of Animoon, an NFT project after receiving two criminal complaints submitted to the authority under what it described as collective action. 

The prosecutor’s office said that the investigation was conducted by Brigade de Répression de la Délinquance Astucieuse (BRDA) and the Economic, Financial and Commercial Affairs of the prosecutor’s office. It adds that the decision to proceed on criminal filings will be taken after the investigations have been concluded.

Non delivery of project

A revelation by ZachXBT, the on-chain sleuth in a Twitter post on Friday. According to Zachary,

I am very pleased to share that today it was publicly revealed another one of my investigations on the $6.3m NFT rug pull Animoon is currently under criminal investigation by the French authorities.

On June 2, 2022, Zach posted a breakdown of the activities of the NFT project, which he said started taking advantage of its investors from the very first day. He said that the NFT collection, which promised 9,999 NFT collectibles at 0.2 ETH, had not delivered anything to its investors after 5 months. Now, more than a year after the post, the project, promoted by Jake Paul, is being investigated. 

Lawsuit and support

Zach XBT is one of the on-chain investigators that exposed the many crypto scams in space. He was recently sued by Mach Big Brother for exposing the many failed crypto projects he promoted. Fortunately, the crypto community rallied around Zachary, supporting him to raise funds for his legal expenses, expected to cost more than $1 million in the defamation suit.

Author: Jofor Humani

Jofor is a crypto journalist with passion for investigative reviews.