ANKR Leads Friday Gains As Community Staking Is Launched


Ankr’s token, ANKR, is the surprising top gainer on Friday. At the time of reporting, the token had gained 39% in 24 hours making it the top gainer for the day. Other remarkable gains were made by Ethereum Classic, Huobi token, OKB and Bitcoin Gold.

21 other coins that made gains among the top 100 gained less than 5%. Prominent among these are Nexo, which gained 5%, NEM (XEM), which gained 4%, Vechain (VET), 3% and Bitcoin Cash which gained 3%. All the others were in red at 3.14 PM, LT.

ANKR is currently ranked #92 based on its market cap of $467 million, while its market price is $0.0485. ANKR 24 hour trading volume is $916 million. At its current market price, ANKR is trading at a value it last traded in the second week of May 2022.

ANKR Staking Announced

The ANKR/USD chart shows that the coin has traded horizontally since June 16. The recent spike in the value of the token is not unconnected with the launch of its staking platform 18 hours ago. According to an update by Kev Silk, an app chain developer on the web 3 platform,

“The @ankr community has waited a long time to stake their ANKR, happy to say they can finally do so! We will continue to power the growth/development of web3 in the way it was always meant to be – decentralized and distributed.”

The RSI indicator records 71 for the ANKR/USD chart. This means that the token is already overbought and we shall see lower values in coming hours.

ANKR chart

OKB Futures Expiration

OKB gained 8% on Friday, bringing its 7-day gains to 14%. Its current market price is $20.60 while its market cap is $1.2 billion. OKB trading volume in the last 24 hours is $27 million. OKB is the utility token of the Malta-based exchange OKx.

The spike in the demand for the token which has seen its volume go up in the last 24 hours may not be unconnected to the expiration of its futures contract. An update by the exchange says that the contract amount to be rolled is valued $154 million. Of this, $129 million is BTC futures, while $25 million is Ethereum futures.

Huobi Token

Another high performer on Friday is Huobi Token, another exchange token that gained 19% in the course of the day. HT is ranked #63, based on its market cap of $812 million. Its market price is $5.36 while its volume in the past 24 hours is $42 million.

The HT value spiked at 8.04 AM, HT. This followed the announcement that the exchange founder, Leon Li, is planning to sell his stake in the exchange valued up to $3 billion.

Huobi Token Chart

Friday’s 7-Day Top Gainers

ANKR’s Friday gain, brought its 7-day profit to 50%, making it the top gaining crypto asset on the weekly chart. Other big gainers in the past week are Celsius, which has continued to appreciate despite the defi company filing a bankruptcy relief.

Other big gainers in the past 7 days are Avalanche (AVAX), 18%, Near Protocol, 17%, Chainlink, 22%, Quant, 19%, Huobi token, 21% and Nexo, 22%. Still impressive in the past 7 days are Decred, 27%, Oasis Network (ROSE), 19% and XDC Network, 23%.


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