Another Uranium Finance Hack in Two Weeks

The latest victim of the Binance Smart Chain Network targeted hacks is Uranium Finance. The BSC-based platform revealed today on Twitter that it recorded around $50 million loss in the cyber attack. 

This is the second attack suffered by the Defi project in two weeks, the first one led to a loss of $1.3 million worth of Binance coins and BUSD. This development is a huge shock because Uranium assured users of a more secure platform only twelve days ago.

According to Uranium’s tweet on 28 April, the hacker compromised its v2.1 token migration through a bug in its balance modifier logic. Uranium later tweeted that it needed people to join in tweeting Binance to prevent further transfers from all related addresses. 

The hacker’s Binance account currently has $36.8 million worth of BUSD and BNB, but the BSC scan showed a total of 2,400 Ethereum has left the account using Ethereum’s Tornado Cash. 

Uranium is yet to patch the bug that allowed the compromise, and currently has a telegram group to keep victims of the attack updated. They also advised platform users to withdraw their funds while they find a lasting solution to the issue.


Author: Zoran Spirkovski

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