Another YouTuber To Build Their Fan Token On XCAD

XCAD Announces the second planned creator fan token for today on its platform.
Tokenization of assets and skills is one of the use cases of the blockchain that is still being exploited by many. XCAD Network is one of the few platforms that is committed to the tokenization of creators skills as seen from this announcement by the network.
In a recent release monitored by Cryptoinfowatch, the platform announced that Youtuber, Veki is the second creator that is scheduled to have their fat token built on the platform today, December 14, 2021 as more creators become aware of the power inherent ion the blockchain technology as a tool for monetization and governance.
According to the release seen on Twitter, VCAD Network wrote:

YouTuber Veki who has 368,000 subs on YouTube, is the second Creator announcement of today, who will be making their fan token on XCAD!

The tweet added that this is the beginning of a new wave of interest by creators wishing to monetize their fan base as well as use the tokenization of the fan as a governance tool.

The network which is also known as the Watch2Earn revolution prides itself as the harnessing the content creator’s audience for the benefit of the fans who are conferred with the ability to influence the decisions of the creator through a simple plugin that is integrated with YouTube.

The XCAD Network plugin makes it possible for the fans to also monetize their engagements within their favorite platforms by earning and trading their fan tokens for profit.

There are presently dozens of creators who have built their fan tokens on the platform. The XCAD plugin can be added as an extension to chrome, giving the user the power to participate in the decision making process of their favorite creators.

Thinking of investing in a fan token? You can do so here at one of the exchanges that has listed most of the tokens that matter.

Author: Jofor Humani

Jofor is a crypto journalist with passion for investigative reviews.