Antpool Hub – When You’re Promised Easy Money


Antpoolhub is a site that was set up like an exchange except that the emphasis is on investing for quick profit. The interface could tempt you to quickly invest your funds. After all, everyone wants to make easy money if that is possible. But before you do, it makes sense to check what reviews are available on the site since it’s a bad idea to send your funds to strangers online without proper research.

In this review, we are going to give you enough information on the Antpoolhub site so that you gain greater insight into what you’re about getting involved in. Will you make money? How quickly? Who are behind the site? Etc.

What is Antpoolhub?


Antpool is a well-known mining pool but our investigation shows that Antpoolhub has no relationship with the popular mining pool. The owners of the site used a popular name probably to gain attention and traction to their site.

According to the site, it is a platform where CFDs on shares, indices, forex, binaries and cryptocurrencies are traded. It claimed that it was formed by professionals with expertise in these instruments. Interestingly, it linked itself to Antpool, the bitcoin mining giant but added that it is also into trading, a claim that Antpool is not known for.

This is why we decided to make more in-depth investigation into the site with the view to determine its purpose.

How Reliable is This Site?

The first thing we checked is the authenticity of the information provided on the site. This is especially important since the entity behind it is actively soliciting for investment funds. According to the information on the site, it claims it has been online since 2013.


A search on Whois shows that this is a false claim. Data from the site shows that, the domain pointing to the site was actually registered on July 27, 2019. This contradicts the claim that it has been online since 2013. This is a clear indication that this is not a site that you should trust. Doing so is risking your funds and the possibility that you’ll lose it.

Who is the Owner of The Site?

As expected, the owner of the site wouldn’t want their real identity to be known. However, there is a team listing on the site showing testimonials from people which is doubtful since they made reference to Antpoolhub which as we have already seen is not a reliable company.

When a site lies about any aspect of its operation, it is logical to conclude that information on such sites is false. There are three testimonials from Pranto Biswas, Hassan Carmen and Betthy Ben. A search of the identities of these individuals shows that they were faked from images taken from stock photos.




It is a common practice among fraudsters to use stolen or forged identities to deceive potential investors. This is why you must never invest with random sites.

An Unrealistic ROI

The site claims that all you need to start growing your funds is to become a member, then purchase an investment plan which starts at $200. It is rather suspicious that they offer ROI of up to 50 percent. If this does not ring an alarm bell in your head, what else would?

You should know that fraudsters mostly use high profit as baits to attract people who are not informed about their wiles. No genuine investment site would promise you such high returns.


You can verify this from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) website where it was categorically stated that profits of up to 20 percent on your investment is an indication that a fraudster is targeting your funds.

Is This A Regulated Site?

Even though Antpoolhub has the features of a scam site, the owner claims that it is backed by a regulated company:

“Antpoolhub is a regulated Bitcoin mining and forex trading dedicated to providing clients with tailor made mining and trading solutions, regardless of prior knowledge or experience.”

This is a rather spurious claim since no regulator would approve of a company that obviously does not have license to render financial services. It is also evident that this could be a ponzi site that borders on luring people through its high yield investment scheme. All such schemes are scams meant to defraud people.


The information on the Antpoolhub site is false. The objective of the site is to deceive people and steal their money. That is why they have made every effort to present the service as a successful one using false data.

You would notice a table of “latest deposits” and “latest withdrawals”. These are forged data meant to deceive people. At best, this is a ponzi site that would pay old investors with the funds from new ones but this is even doubtful since fraudsters hardly would have the patience to lure many people in before turning exit scams.


If you must invest, never use a random site. Fraud sites are churned out daily as their owners work hard to steal from uninformed investors. This is why you must invest only with sites that have built online reputation as well as offline reputation.

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Author: Jofor Humani

Jofor is a crypto journalist with passion for investigative review of projects with the aim to determine the authenticity of their claims.

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