Apple, Microsoft, Others Among Big Companies Hiring Crypto-Related Talents

Some of the biggest companies are working towards hiring skills that are associated with cryptocurrencies.

More companies are advertising crypto-related positions as managers strive to snag up talents to fill up increasing demand. This is the result of the demand for skills in the budding crypto sector.

According to a release from Blockworks, these companies comprise those in various fields such as sports, entertainment, banking, payment processing and others.

The Biggest Companies Listed

Among the prominent ones that have already made moves to fill existing crypto-related positions are NFL, Nike, Hulu, Gamestop and VISA. Some of the other big corporations listed include Google, Meta, Apple, Paypal, Fidelity, Amazon, Microsoft, Mastercard and Disney.

According to the Blockworks release, financial institutions such as Bank of America, State Street, Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan are also on the look-out for crypto talents.

Bitwage, the payroll and invoicing company, stated that many of these companies are also giving some of their new hires the option of being paid in cryptocurrencies.

Bitwage has been in the forefront of a campaign to get employees to choose the option of receiving part or all of their salaries in cryptocurrencies, citing the need to curtail the effects of inflation on the paycheck as a reason why the worker should opt for this alternative.

The move by big companies to go for crypto-related hires seems to be anchored on the fact that the cryptosphere is in a stratosphere different from what these companies are used to.

The Biggest Companies in The World

It is instructive to note that these are some of the biggest companies in the world, showing interest in the 13 years old industry. This is despite the fact that this is a largely unregulated space. The impact of the new drive for crypto talent is not lost on many in the blockchain community.

According to a Twitter user IceIce Linkie, these companies would eventually need the services of blockchain data integration and interoperability platforms such as Chainlink.

Even though these companies are all incorporating crypto-related positions, it may be premature to conclude that it is a sign of mass adoption.

Countries such as Russia and El Salvador have been in the news for enacting laws that recognize cryptocurrencies as currencies. Such national recognition may yet play more critical roles in mass adoption than some crypto desks of big companies.

Author: Jofor Humani

Jofor is a crypto journalist with passion for investigative reviews.