Aptos Blockchain Suffers Major Outage, Resumes After Five Hours

Aptos blockchain

Aptos, a Layer 1 blockchain platform that uses a novel smart contract language called Move, experienced a major outage on October 19, 2023, that lasted for more than four hours. The outage affected the on-chain transactions and the deposits and withdrawals of the native token APT on several exchanges.

According to the AptoScan block explorer, the on-chain transactions on Aptos stopped at block 104621314. The last transaction occurred at 7:11 UTC+8 on October 19 and no new blocks were produced until 11:15 UTC+8, when the network resumed normal operations. The outage lasted for four hours and four minutes, during which time the network was effectively frozen.

Possible cause of the outage

The cause of the outage is still unclear, but some users speculated that it might be related to a network upgrade that was scheduled to take place on October 19. The upgrade was supposed to enable fungible assets on Aptos, which would allow users to create and transfer tokens that follow a standard interface.

The outage had a significant impact on the users and the exchanges that support APT, the native token of Aptos. Several exchanges, such as Upbit and OKX, announced that they had suspended APT deposits and withdrawals due to the network issue. Some users reported that they were unable to access their funds or execute transactions during the outage.

Transactions on the network impacted

Aptos acknowledged the issue on its official Twitter account and said that

“transactions on the network have been impacted. We are working diligently to resolve the issue and will keep you updated upon completion”.

After five hours, Aptos announced that the issue had been resolved and that the network was back online. Aptos also apologized for the inconvenience and thanked the community for their patience and support.

Aptos is an independent Layer 1 blockchain platform that aims to provide safety and scalability for decentralized applications. Aptos claims to have unrivaled speed, unprecedented trust, and an unstoppable community. Aptos also boasts of having over 5,000 transactions per second, 1.5 million monthly active users, and 250 million transactions as of September 7, 2023.

Author: Jofor Humani

Jofor is a crypto journalist with passion for investigative reviews.