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One of the most lucrative scams online these days is the mining machine sales scam. The reason is that these machines are pricey and there are many investors that do not conduct due diligence before making orders. These machines are never delivered because the fraudster behind scams such as Asicscryptominers have no plans of sending them.

The essence of this review is to make it obvious to users that ordering from this site would  result in losses.

It is important that every hodler understands that there are many scams out to steal their coins. So it is the responsibility of every investor to do background checks on any websites that claim to sell mining machines.

What is Asicscryptominers?

This site claims to sell mining machines from popular manufacturers. These are those made by Bitmain, such as the Antminer D7, Goldshell’s KD5, Decred Miner, MicroBT Whatsminer and many others.

They have an easy-to-use site where photos of the miners are all displayed with clear illustrations to make it easy for the prospective buyer to have clear visuals of the miners that are available in their store.

The promotional content on the site encourages the user to:

“Buy high-performing miners at Asics Crypto Miners. All our miners are compatible with the most valuable cryptocurrencies. We also Supply Graphics cards. All our miners come with free PSU (Power supply) & air/oil cooling system.”

Who is Behind The Site?

Even though there’s a phone number and address linked to Asicscryptominers, there is no evidence that the company is actually located at the physical address found on its website.

In fact, according to Bloomberg’s Company Profile, the Minnesota address, 9385 Golf Course Rd NWAngle Inlet, MN 56711, USA that Asicscryptominers claim as theirs is the location of another business, J & M Co – Convenience Stores.

Have They Delivered Any Machines To Buyers?

Even though there are many scam allegations leveled against Asicscryptominers, it is not clear if the company has really delivered any miners to a buyer.

What we are aware of is that the entity behind this company is clearly fraudulent and has been making efforts to discredit the testimonies of those that have been scammed through their website. Here is a quick response of the fraudster behind this site on allegations of undelivered machines and threat by a victim to call Crimestoppers:

“Fake review with promotional content “call Crimestoppers anonymously” beware of this.”

This is a clear red flag that shows that there is an intention to cheat those who made orders from this site. Jumping in to call their claims “fake” instead of making efforts to resolve their problems shows that the owner of this site is privy to the ongoing fraud going on through the website.

Why Is This a Scam?

There are several reasons why no investors should deal with this site and a few of them have been stated already.

Claim To Have Machines That Manufacturers Do Not Have

There are a wide array of machines displayed on the website. When you consider the fact that some of these machines are sometimes not available at the manufacturers’ websites, you would be left in doubt that there is something shady about Asicscryptominers.

This is even more accentuated by the fact that this is a new site where its domain was registered last August.

Paying For Fake Reviews

There are many positive reviews about the website. A close observation shows that most of these gave the company a 5-star rating. It is easy for the discerning to know the fake reviews but not all are aware. Here are some of the 5-star rated reviews that are very like paid-to-review.

“Asicscryptominers did not only recommend the profitable miners, but also helped me with the installations when all my 22 pieces Jasminer X4-1U came in. Now running perfectly and I do hope within this year I can still buy more.”

Here is another:

“This is a reliable wholeseller [sic] i should happily recommend. We’ve bought 49 units of Innosilicon A10 Pro ETH (500Mh) last year in June, waited for two weeks and it arrived. This year, we decided to add StrongU STU-U1++, Bitmain Antminer D7 (1286Gh) and Goldshell CK6. They used 2 weeks exactly to get them arrive here, so i am really happy for this, it can only be with them that we shall always buy all our future miners.”

And yet another that was rated 5-star despite the writer claiming that delivery came in late. You would wonder why all the reviews about Asicscryptominers are all rated 5-star if there is nothing shady about them.

“Delivery was a bit late from the agreed date for all Goldshell KD2 ordered. What made me content was a helping hand with setup that we received from them. I am grateful.”

It is also instructive to note that most of the bad reviews are the later ones. It would seem that the owner paid for all the initial 5-star reviews to attract users who are the first customers that ended up being scammed.

This is why it is important that a more concerted effort is put into checking the background of a company before ordering anything from them. This would minimize the risk of putting up a review such as this after losing funds:

“I have been fooled with my money by paying for a good that this seller never ever sent. If you have any information about a crime, like one they used against me and you would prefer not to speak to police, you can call Crimestoppers anonymously to tell the story.”

Miners are generally costly. It is a better idea to check with manufacturers and stick with their official resellers than gamble with little-known sites that would steal your funds.

Author: Jofor Humani

Jofor is a crypto journalist with passion for investigative review of projects with the aim to determine the authenticity of their claims.