AWS Mining Review – A Scam That Goes All The Way

AWS Mining Review

In this AWS Mining review, we are going to look at this project to understand if it is worth investing in or not. I’m sure that someone pitched the possibility of earning bitcoins through AWS Mining so you want to know what you are getting involved with if you signed up for this program.

If you’ve come across this crypto mining project, you probably did through one of the affiliates that are promoting the scheme. If you’ve been in crypto for an extended period of time, this project would strike you as one of the many crypto based scams that have flooded the industry since the 2017 rise in the value of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Scam Investments Threaten Industry

Every experienced Bitcoin enthusiast knows that ponzi scams are among the greatest threat to the cryptocurrency ecosystem because investors who lose their money through shady crypto scams wouldn’t be interested in future investment.

Also, the industry especially at its low times needs institutional funds to boost the value of Bitcoin as a digital asset as well as a token for transfer of value. Institutional investors would not be forward in putting their funds in the industry unless they are certain that the funds are safe.

Incidents of frauds and shady investment schemes do not augur well for the industry. This is the essence of reviews to discourage investors from patronizing scam projects where their funds are stolen.

AWS Mining Services

AWS Mining is a company that claims that they have been involved in bitcoin mining since 2015. It has an Australian office which Cryptoinfowatch found to be a virtual office. AWS also stated on its site that it has invested in bitcoin mining hardware prior to officially registering the company.

The site claims that it has mining operations has a global spread in places like China, Paraguay and Russia but a closer investigation shows that there is no evidence that AWS is actually involved in any sort of mining activities. Rather, the company has all the features of Ponzi scams that depend on recruiting new affiliates for sustenance.

Mining Plans

The AWS site is selling what it indicated as CMP or mining plans. The cheapest 0.1 CMP costs $40 while 1 CMP and 10 CMP cost $400 and $4000 respectively.

The company is offering its affiliates 10 percent commission on all deposits their recruits make when they buy any of the plans.

Is AWS Actually Mining Any Cryptocurrencies?

Even though the company claims to own mining farms where it mines bitcoins, investigations have shown the contrary. One recurring factor about scammers is that they always try to prove legitimacy to investors so use all imaginable evidence even if it borders on the melodramatic.

When I first visited the AWS Mining website, I was quite surprised to see actual mining rigs displayed with pictures of a staff wearing shirts with “AWS Mining” written on them. This was most unexpected since I was certain that all the features of the projects points to a Ponzi scam.

A Determined Ponzi Team

AWS Mining ReviewHowever, further investigations revealed that the people behind the AWS Mining are expert scammers that go to any lengths to convince investors that they are what they claimed to be.

Reverse image engineering showed that the mining farm that AWS claims as theirs actually belongs to HAOBTC, a China-based bitcoin mining company. Who knows how the AWS managed to get a staff put on AWS T-shirt in HAOBTC farm. One of the workers has been identified in a video made by HAOBTC.

Other claims that AWS made on its site in the bid to prove legitimacy:

“The client guarantees that he is familiar with the cryptographic currencies and Bitcoin in particular and that he understands that the output of mining may vary from time to time based on the bitcoin protocols that are adjusted, which determines the amount of computing power that Miners need to solve the next set of blocks. The above results are not a guarantee of future performance and tax laws may be subject to change.”

The above is just as if the client needs to understand cryptography to be an investor but it is just the scammer’s way of claiming expertise in mining of bitcoins even though they are clearly not mining any.

A strategy of AWS Mining is billing their mining plans in dollars, a rather odd move by a bitcoin mining company. All Bitcoin enthusiasts are aware that real miners make their calculations in BTC and rarely in USD.

In fact, any experienced bitcoin user would quickly notice that the site doesn’t belong to people that are fully involved with the BTC community but to crypto scammers taking advantage of the popularity of Bitcoin and people’s ignorance to enrich themselves.

Who Are Behind AWS Mining?

There are images of four men on the site. These men are known to be associated with Ponzi schemes in the past. These schemes are BBOM, MYCOINDEAL and INTERBBOM.

They are Ivan Alberton –, Daniel Beduschi, Eric Mu, Alexandre Campos – and Tiago Kirsten. These men were mostly behind the defunct MYCOINDEAL scam.

When Reality Contradicts Claims

The company is presently using CNPJ 14,523,891/0001-75 a Brazilian company registration code as a front for AWS Mining even though the team claims that they are based in Australia.

Further analysis of the site traffic shows that most of the earliest traffic (33 percent) came from Brazil, a pointer that AWS is a scam operated from out of Brazil and not from Sydney Australia.

The names of the operators is another evidence that this is a Brazillian scam. These are certainly Latin Americans.

Furthermore, a whois search shows that the company was registered on April 8, 2017 and site content updated July 28, 2018.

AWS Mining Review

Like all Ponzi scams, AWS Mining is not expected to last long, however the promoters and operators of the scheme would focus on more recruitment using every available strategy since they are aware that the so-called mining is a sham.

In fact, AWS pricing section cleverly didn’t specify how much investors should expect when they buy the mining plans but rather used a vague “Maximum Return Contract=200%” This means that if an investor didn’t recruit new affiliates, they could be paid 2 percent after the 90 day “Money Back” period. With assured 10 percent on new recruits, AWS is a classical Ponzi scam.

An Embarrassing Outing

In September last year, the AWS Mining Facebook page posted a photo-shopped  image of their COO at the World Digital Mining Summit. BehindMLM called the faux a failed attempt to deceive.

Investors in the fake mining site should understand that they are being taken for a ride. Ponzi scammers know when to pull out – this usually happens when they see their profit has started going down. The losers would be the recruits that have just bought the fake mining plans.

The quest for money and greed is the driving force behind ponzi and pyramid schemes. It is morally reprehensible to promote these projects because the main beneficiaries always would be the scammers.

If you’re involved in this program, you may share your experience in the comment box below. However, for the service I recommend for people who are serious to create wealth with Bitcoin, check here.


Author: Jofor Humani

Jofor is a crypto journalist with passion for investigative reviews.

17 thoughts on “AWS Mining Review – A Scam That Goes All The Way

  1. What will you gain for spreading malicious story about AWS? AWS is real and you will live lo g to witness its growth..


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  2. You have indicated in your claim that without recruiting new people,that AWS mining will pay like 2% after 90 days!!???
    Why are u lying so loudly like this????
    do ur research well sir and in case all this malicious talk is because you crossed line with any of the AWS mining leaders …..pls let AWS be………

    1. You’re probably the founder or just a promoter. One question please, which miners can generate such ROI in such such periods? These things are mathematically provable so stop deceiving folks.

      1. I’ve been in AWS since August 2018. My dad’s friend told him about this. I’m a single mom, going through a divorce and wasn’t working due to a car accident I was in, so my dad paid $40 for me to join and buy my first contract. I signed myself up again under me and paid another $40 and then I referred one person. As of today I have 165 $40 contracts. I just invested $4k from my income taxes. I completed 6 contracts already and got a 200% return on all 6 of them. I was sold on the compound interest. I tested it and took out $30 which is the minimum to amount withdraw. You can withdraw daily as long as $30 is in account. I just took out another $500 yesterday. In 3 years $4k will be $800,000 in 4 years 5mil, and 5 years $30mil. Our owner of company just spoke at the Block Chain Summit in Dubai. We have about 20,000 mining computers in 3 different countries. I personally know people who have visited the mining farms and corporate office. They have organized tours for investors. I’m planning my visit for this summer. My friend that visited cafe home even more excited about AWS after her visit. I didn’t know anything crypto currencies before I joined. I thought it was over my head and out of my league. Bitcoin is expected to spike again to reach 2017’s value. Mining isn’t volatile as crypto ownership and selling is. When prices go up the mining business will explode. Fidelity financial company has been mining for 5 years now. AWS is a leader in technology and equipment to mine and has grown and will continue to grow. I’ve learned a lot and I’m excited to be a part of such an amazing company that will provide me and my family with financial stability and freedom.

        Here’s a article about our company

        And here is a link to video to learn more and how to join

        If little old me single mother of 5 can do this anyone can!

        1. Shani, you’re obviously one of the owners of AWS Mining. This is why you’re keen at promoting it and creating the impression that this company would be around in 5 years. What I think is that this is a ponzi scheme that would pack up when there are no new participants.

          1. Now that is not surprising news. Despite the hype around it, AWS Mining had clear signs of a scam.

  3. I am an investor with AWS mining since 2017 and believe me, with the fire in Paraguay mining farm and reduced ROI…Beduschi is just about to run with investors money….it is an exclusive exit strategy which they shamefully have started excecuting….they are aslo doing KYC to blindfold investors so that they continue doing other business with investors information which is illegal…they are claiming vthat it is a regulatory affair but we all know they want to run….the die is cast…we are all losing our hard earned money from the crafty scammer Daniel……

    1. Yes it’s a scam. They have closed the telegram chat as well. Spineless dodgers who have taken innocent hard earned money from ordinary people trying to make some money. Karma will get u.. good luck

  4. AWS has scammed millions of people of their hard earned money beginning from April, 2019. At first they claimed the crash in the price of Bitcoin affected mining profitability and as such, would not be able to fulfil the profit obligations. And that they would refund only the capital invested. Later, when Bitcoin made a dramatic upward swing, the narrative changed that their Server had problem and many unscrupulous clients cashed in and made away with huge illegal withdrawals. Thus, they would refund the capital piecemeal. Now, they have removed customer support, moved to a new scheme called buying Mining Machine, leaving millions of investors scammed. All their whatsapp admins have either pulled down their sites or made it Admin only to post. AWS has stopped attending to complaints, and that is the end of that story. What a carefully planned SCAM COMPANY!

    1. It is really a pity hearing that. We maintain that if it is too good to be true, then it’s not. Never get tempted to invest just because the site promised to make you overnight wealth. Money doesn’t work that way, if it does, everyone would be rich. Why do you believe that someone would give you free money just because you made a contribution? Aleays invest with reputable companies that have reputation to protect. The sites we recommend are the regulated ones such as this.

      1. Thank you for the advice n input. We now know better. There is No get rich quick scheme.. money earned the hard way only works. We are really stupid to have believed these unscrupulous people. May they answer to their higher power.

  5. Cryptocurrency scams is also something people should pay attention to. They are using the bitcoin to scam numerous people. I got scammed by some crook

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