Basic Attention Token News: The BAT Daily Merc Giveaway is Back

Basic Attention Token News

After a short break, the BAT team announced that its daily merc giveaway is back. This is a chance for members of the community to win several gifts by sharing the most interesting ad they had seen on the Brave browser until now.

A sub-reddit post that announced the commencement of the contest stated:

“To put your name in the ring for a chance to win some swag today, tell us about the most interesting ad you’ve seen in Brave to date and why you found it interesting.”

Winners would be announced every Friday while the community was asked to keep abreast of contests using the social channels of the network.

“Be sure to follow us on our various social media for your chance to participate in upcoming giveaways that will be happening every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and Friday!”

Announced Across Different Social Channels

In an apparent bid to have the community active across the social channels of the project, it announced that different day’s contests would be announced on one social medium instead of across all the platforms. Monday contest would be announced on the BAT sub-reddit while that of Tuesday would be via the Twitter page.

The Wednesday post for the giveaway would be announced through the BAT Facebook page and so on. The announcement stated that winners would be contacted by the team on the day of the contest to be informed that they have won. This would enable them provide shipping information for their winnings to be sent.

“When you receive your prize, don’t forget to take a picture of the merch next to your device with Brave open, and share it with @BAT_Community on Twitter for the community and world to see!”

Brave (BAT) Hit 250k Verified Creators

The BAT team also announced this week that the platform has signed up 250,000 verified creators that use the Brave service. Speaking on the BAT growth, Brendan Eich, the co-creator of Basic Attention Toke wrote on Twitter:

“There is only one other chart I know that had 250K content publishers sign up in 2 years – it was the iOS store.”

About Basic Attention Token

BAT is a revolutionary digital advertising and rewarding platform built on the Ethereum smart contract platform. Users are rewarded with BAT based on the ads they choose to see. The platform was created by two of the foremost software developers in the industry. These are the inventor of JavaScript and the co-founder of Moxilla & Firefox. The Brave browser enables fast private browsing and eliminates all third-party ads.


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