Basketball Franchise Dallas Mavericks To Accept Bitcoin Payments

NBA outfit, Dallas Mavericks has announced that it would accept Bitcoin payment for merchandise and game tickets.

Speculations abounded in the past few days whether the Mavericks would accept crypto payments ahead of the new NBA season.

Mavericks owner Mark Cuban laid the rumors to rest today, announcing that the franchise will accept Bitcoin payments via payment  processor, BitPay.

According to Cuban, this would be a great opportunity for fans globally to make purchases of merchandise and tickets with digital currencies.

Mavericks is an American professional basketball team that has been with the NBA since 1980 but succeeded in winning the championship in 2011.

The Dallas based team,  joins Sacramento Kings as the second NBA team to accept Bitcoin payments

Cuban is A Bitcoin Enthusiast

Cuban is has made significant investment in cryptocurrencies himself the past few years. He was involved in the launch of 1 Confirmation, a venture capital firm that invests in crypto projects and startups.

Cuban famously said in an interview with Vanity Fair last October that it was necessary for everyone to invest 10% of their savings in Bitcoin or Ethereum. 

It is no surprise that his NBA franchise has taken the step towards integrating Bitcoin payments.

Crypto Adoption in Sports

Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology have received an increased amount of interest in the past 12 months. There have been several partnerships and adoption of cryptocurrencies in sports.

Boxing icon, Mike Tyson launched a blockchain based boxing platform on Wednesday which aims to bridge the gap between aspiring boxers and promoters. also secured partnerships with football outfits WestHam, Juventus and Paris St Germain for a series of initial fan token offerings.

 Several sport betting companies have begun to accept cryptocurrency payments. These developments show that the sports industry is gradually accepting cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.



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