BAT Token Scam Targets Crypto Community

A new email making round shows that the scammer is targeting users of the popular Bitcoin forum, Bitcointalk. In the email titled “Bounty: Brave browser update. Distribution of 1500 BAT tokens” the recipients were asked to fulfill some simple conditions to receive the bounty.

It was instructive that one of the conditions was the indication of BitcoinTalk username. According to the email:

“The first and most important condition is to install (update) our Brave browser on your Windows or MacOS.

The second, no less important is the passage of free registration. During registration, you indicate your Twitter @Name, Bitcointalk Username and ETH address. Only when these two conditions are met, you will be credited with 1500 BAT tokens.”

It should be obvious to experiences members that this is likely a phishing scam by noting the senders email address which is Obviously, the Brave team would not use a free Yahoo email for correspondence to the community.

Privacy Concerns

It could be observed that the fraudster forwarded the same email to many other users whose email addresses are visible under the Bcc field making it possible for them to face spam attacks and other privacy issues.

This is very similar to what BitMex users were exposed to weeks ago debar that the fraudster behind this email would have no qualms over this.



Author: Jofor Humani

Jofor is a crypto journalist with passion for investigative reviews.

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