BBOD Review – A Secure Zero-fee Crypto Futures Platform

You would wonder why there is need for more trading platforms despite so many already in the market. It is just like wondering why there are various brands and models of vehicles.

BBOD is a new cryptocurrency derivative platform that is meant to serve retail and institutional need. The non-custodial exchange that was launched last October brings zero-fees trading  to the bitcoin and altcoins futures market. The company has mapped out an ambitious plan in its quest to become the go-to trading platform as far as futures contracts for cryptocurrencies is concerned.

About BBD Token Sale

The company has scheduled a pre-listing  token sale offering in which it plans to sell 3 percent of its maximum supply. The sale has already commenced and is expected to end by December 9, 2019.

The BBOD token, built for its own internal ecosystem is called BBD. It is an ERC20 cryptocurrency that would be launched on the BBOD platform on December 10, 2019. It is expected to have a lot of demand mainly due to the fact that it would be the collateral for settling futures trading on the BBOD platform.

Token benefits and Utility

Users of the token on the platform would be entitled to reduced fees on TUSD settled futures. Unlike many other tokens out there, that BBD has in-demand utility would enhance the chances of value appreciation. Accentuating this is the planned staking which would encourage many investors to hold the coin as an asset as well as a means of transfer of value. This reduces the likelihood of dumping ensuring higher value for it. It has a total supply of 117,399,409 BBD and Maximum supply of 275,803,582 BBD.

The most advantageous feature of BBOD is that unlike other derivative exchanges, the private keys of the customers’ wallets are not held by the exchange. This drastically reduces or even eliminates the possibility of losses due to a hack as has been experienced among many exchanges.

Presently, BBOD is the most transparent cryptocurrency derivative platform because it is non custodial solution which would make it easy for users of the platform to have access verifiable data such as proof of solvency.

Secure Zero-fee Platform

Its non-custodial solution to asset security through the use of smart contract puts BBOD on a pedestal that makes it the cryptcurrency derivative exchange to watch. The level of transparency is expectedly exceptional in that there’s daily update showing the balance of the customers which is easily verifiable on the Ethereum blockchain.

There is an ongoing bounty campaign for which the company has mapped out 530,000 BBD (=~ $350,000) for bounty hunters. It is expected to run until December 9, 2019.

Author: Jofor Humani

Jofor is a crypto journalist with passion for investigative reviews.

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