Bentalefin Review – Can You Trust A Cloudmining Service?

Bentalefin Review
Warning! Bentalefin may have turned another cloudmining scam! Please read experience of a user in the comment section.

Whenever you see a cloudmining service, it is advisable to regard them with suspicion unless they have lasted for some time. The reason is the notoriety of these services in that most are channels through which scammers get money from people in the guise of mining cryptocurrencies. In this  review, we shall look at one Cloudmining service that has proven that not all are a flash in the pan.

18 Months Service

Bentalefin ReviewThe website was registered on August 16, 2017. By all standards, this is remarkable because the most reputable cloudmining services have been around since 2014. Most rarely operate for up to a year.

Having said that, it is useful to know that the integrity of these mining services is directly proportional to the length of time they have been in operation and the quality of the service rendered.

Nevertheless, the ROI on all cloudmining services are low, for a solid investment site I recommend, check here.

Warning! Bentalefin may have turned another cloudmining scam! Please read experience of a user in the comment section.

Regular Update for Users

It is striking that Bentalefin has been around more than a year. Another remarkable feature of this service is the regular updates provided on the site to intimate users of the behind-the-scene activities of the team behind it.

Even though there is no clue of the people behind the project, the habit of giving regular update about the service has the effect of building confidence in this project.

Unlike many scam projects that lie about how long they have been in operation, Bentalefin gave accurate update on the duration of its service.

This makes this one of the service that could be recommended to anyone even though there could be a measure of risk. However, aside the most reliable cloudmining services, Benralefin is one service that I am willing to use.

In any case, the oldest services do not display their founders and team members on their sites, however it is important to note that they have built a reputation over time.

Furthermore, when they commenced operation, crypto scams were not as common as it is. This is why I think Bentalefin could become an important player in the mining industry if the team behind it is honest.

Bentalefin Review

Openness in Income Reports

Another interesting feature of the website is its open declaration of its income. An appraisal of this shows that the service has 195,194 users. It generated $182,095 as income by February and paid out $59,919.

As a crypto fraud investigative site, we daresay that it takes a well-managed business to put in such effort at accountability. It is also obvious that whoever is behind this project is meticulous because the figures are closer to reality than most of the shady crypto mining schemes that we have come across as reviewers.

Expectedly, the site uses Google translate, showing that it has international appeal. I really have come to trust this cloudmining service even though I am aware that online anything is possible but my instincts tell me that this is a project that you could stick out your neck for.

Warning! Bentalefin may have turned another cloudmining scam! Please read experience of a user in the comment section.

How to Participate in Bentalefin

Bentalefin prides itself as the largest cloud cryptocurrency mining. Even though it did not provide evidence backing this, we know that there are bigger services such as Genesis that these days has its contracts perpetually sold out.

Nevertheless, Bentalefin has an easy to use platform. It is so straight forward that I signed up as number 195,200, the guideposts and plainness of this platform makes everything easy to follow.

After signing up, you are directed to fill your personal profile. This automatically enables the purchase of hashrate for your account. On the sales page, everything is in black and what so that you won’t be in doubt what you are purchasing.

Only One Account for You

Unlike many cloudmining projects that are interested in crowd and inflow of funds, Bentalefin accepts one account for each participant.

They clearly displayed on the site,

“Attention! According to the rules of the project, multiple registration of accounts is strictly prohibited. Accounts that violate the rules will be blocked without the possibility of re-registration in the system.”

How about that for a company that means business? I am yet to see how the mining service pans out although I am so impressed with this service that I am confident that it is worthwhile.

Warning! Bentalefin may have turned another cloudmining scam! Please read experience of a user in the comment section.

Cloudmining is Not Profitable Though

Bentalefin is a radical departure from the everyday cloudmining services that we review. In weeks, this is the first service that we are rating highly because it shows transparency where it is needed, communicates with its user community and promises ROI that can be validated using cryptoeconomics.

The only setback is that cloudmining is a waste of time and money because the ROI is poor. This is why I recommend a better income generating investment.

I got tired of seeing scam cloudmining services guarantee 100% in one or two day. For a service, Bentalefin is worth recommending.

Have you had experience with this service? You can share your views in the comment box below.

If you’d like to sign up for the cloudmining service, you can do so from our affiliate link here. However, the ROI for cloudmining services is low and a total waste of time. So for a higher ROI, check up the business I recommend.


Author: Jofor Humani

Jofor is a crypto journalist with passion for investigative reviews.

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  1. Not sure how good Bentalefin was in the past, but for the last 4 weeks – absolutely dead and unresponsive on contact :/
    Promised VIP service for $500 is a scam – I’ve never received, even after investing additional $500 …

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