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The earliest faucets enabled users to claim bitcoins. This has long changed since the proliferation of coins. These days, there are thousands of digital currencies but not all are popular enough to be bothered about. Faucets issue the most common coins such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and others. In this post, we shall look at the best XRP faucets.

XRP faucets essentially reward users of the sites with the internal currency of the Ripple ecosystem which is one of the top digital currencies in the market. Even though faucet rewards are hardly substantial, those that use these services can gain substantially over time with good faucet strategies.

In any case, faucets are meant for those who want to regularly collect very small quantities of digital currencies while enjoying what they do to collect them. Faucets offer this opportunity. So let us look at the top XRP faucets.

Coinfaucet was established in 2017 as an XRP faucet. The platform has since grown to become one of the best faucets for the digital currency.

Coinfaucet enables users to play games every hour with small rewards paid in XRP when the player accumulates up to the minimum payout.

As a paid to do site, Coinfaucet encourages users to take several actions that lead to rewards. It is even possible to play the game more than once in an hour by taking special actions such as following Coinfaucet on Twitter. The user gets special codes when they take such actions, enabling them to play rewarding games more regularly.

How It Works

Signing up with Coinfaucet is easy. After confirming your email, you would need to go to the homepage. At the base of the page you find a ROLL button. Clicking it would generate a number that determines the volume of XRP you have won.

As mentioned earlier, you could get more than a roll in an hour. To get this benefit, click on “Visit FREE ROLL Page”. You’ll be redirected to a page that has seven links, named Link 1, Link 2, Link 3, …. You can visit one link only within 24 hours to reset the game timer and enable you to roll again. For this to work in your favor, the link must be used only after rolling.

The links are promotional pages that you can only access after solving the captcha. 

Features of

  1. The platform is intuitive and easy to use.
  2. You could win up to $300 if you roll a lucky number.
  3. You could withdraw your XRP through third-party wallets that don’t require a 20 XRP deposit.


  1. There’s an upsell, a premium version that is accessible if you subscribe with $7.17/month. This eliminates the many intrusive ads. 
  2. Coinfaucet ensures that users are redirected to other sites that probably have paid to have people visit their URL. This creates a lot of delays while trying to play the game.
  3. Nevertheless, being around the site gives the impression that all these are part of the games that you’re expected to play. The platform has to make money somehow.
  4. The winnings are very small and can only be multiplied if you got very lucky, or you have many referrals that enable you earn referral commissions.

Xcolander is a multi currency faucet. This implied that this faucet rewards users with more than one cryptocurrency. Eight coins, TRX, ZEC, BTG, XLM, LTC, BCD, USDT and of course XRP are supported.

The platform has been around since 2017 and offers rewards to users every 15 minutes. This makes it more interesting than the hourly claiming faucets.

Features of Xcolander

To use Xcolander to earn XRP, click on the XRP button, and you’ll be directed to the registration page. After registering, you’ll be able to roll the button by clicking ROLL at the base of the page and earn the coin every 15 minutes.

Features of Xcolander

  1. Every roll pays based on a range of values that it corresponds to. The maximum volume of the coin that could be won from a roll is 11.29 XRP.
  2. There is a Claim Booster that the player can activate by purchasing tickets. Other features include lottery draws and betting.


The rewards are extremely small. Even the highest win of 11.29 XRP is hardly worth the effort. However, there is a referral program that could help boost your payments if you have many active referrals.

This is another multi coin faucet supporting cryptocurrencies like BTC, DOGE, LTC, ETH, DASH, XMR, BCH and IDA. Other coins that you can receive by playing on this site are XLM, TRX and of course XRP.

Features of Allcoin

This is a simple faucet that is a simple and easy to use faucet where the player could claim a coin every 6 minutes. It is further made interesting because aside the games, you could participate in surveys. 

It is instructive to note that some games can only reward BTC, so you have to find a XRP issuing faucet. Games available are Dice games such as VegaDice, OfferWall and HarvestDice.

Ability to withdraw your coins as soon as the minimum threshold is attained.

There’s a monero mining pool where users can participate by downloading the Command Miner.


Like all faucets, it’ll take a long time before you could earn something substantial.

It is more of just a platform where you can play some free games.

The Command Miner and Multicoin Web Miner scripts would likely slow down your device or heat it up, effectively lowering its lifespan.

With two mining apps on the platform, it isn’t clear if the Allcoin is a faucet or more of a mining site.

For a multi coin wallet, EarnCrypto is massive. The platform which has been around since 2013 gives users the option of receiving any of 60+ cryptocurrencies.

To use this faucet, after signing up, select the main digital currency that would want to be paid with. You can do this from the Balance page. Search for XRP and click on ”Set Main”. You can change your main currency any time you want.

You can then go to the Earn Offer page to complete offers and earn XRP. Each completed offer on the page earns you 0.015 XRP.

Features of EarnCrypto

There are many coins that are supported.

Offers are not limited to games as seen on many faucets.


  1. If you have adblock installed, most of the offers would not render. This may also happen due to antivirus. 
  2. Even if you access the offers and complete them, you may not be credited. So be sure that your ad blockers are removed before using the faucet to earn.

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