BestTrade24 – Another Cloned Site Sells Investment Intelligence


Getting a site that could help you make money in the cryptocurrency space is rare. This is because it is an evolving industry that takes expertise and timing to come across the right project at its early stage. This is what sites like BestTrade24 try to simulate, even though they offer no true value in truth.

In this review, we shall look at those features that show that this is just another scam site that has been set up to steal money from uninformed investors. There is no doubt about this. So if you’re thinking of investing in this site, I suggest that you stop and ponder on these things before making a decision.

What is BestTrade24?

BestTrade24This is a site that claims to be backed by an investment company that would help you put your investing ideas into action with a full range of investment options. It claims that purchasing their investment plans would lead to rewards which are obviously implying financial.

It claimed that it has made profit of $11.5 million since it commenced operation. It claimed that these were generated from deposits made by 180,000 members who contributed $16 million worth of assets.


The most obvious fact about this scam is that the content was plagiarized from another site. In fact, nearly everything in this site was cloned from other known scams.

It is possible that all these scam sites originated from one source. What could have happened is that this scammer is registering several domains and using them to run many active scams.

These sites have even the same images of board of directors which were stolen IDs pulled from the internet. After discovering these sites, Cryptoinfowatch has run several reviews on them. With BestTrade24, the owners have changed the images of the directors or they were just different.

What they didn’t change is the article content which is exactly the same with the other fraud sites.

Fake ID Used for Team

BestTrade24One of the easiest ways of identifying fraud sites is by checking the background of the owners. However, scam sites rarely post the genuine identity of the owners for obvious reasons.

Some never list any identities at all. But this affects their ability to convince investors so many scam sites would use fake identities to represent the owners or the team behind it. This is exactly what BestTrade24 has done.

Among the group of sites that were cloned from this model, this is the first that used different images for the board of directors. Obviously, the fraudsters are aware that we have caught on to their tricks so they changed the images used.

Nevertheless, the images are still not authentic. The first break we had is Steve Jefferson, who is director of operations. A background check on the photo showed that it belongs to Billy W. Meritt. The owners of this site apparently got his image from one of his pages. Bill is a sales consultant that has a YouTube channel.

BestTrade24Even though we could not find the identity of the other so-called board members, it is clear that this site has stolen the IDs of people and passed them off as a board managing the scam.

You have to understand that no genuine site would use a faked identity since the reputation of the business depends on the integrity of the owners or managers. Why would you send your funds to strangers that are faking IDs to manage them for you?

Fake Transactions

BestTrade24There is a table showing deposits and withdrawals purportedly made by high volume investors. This is common practice among scam sites which try to convince users that they are legitimate.

The idea is to create the impression that many users are making deposits, withdrawal and profit thereby enticing others to buy the investment plans. Bear in mind that sending your funds to sites like this would lead to losing such funds.

Unrealistic Returns

BestTrade2410 percent profit a day is 300 percent in one month. This type of profit is never realizable from any genuine investment site. That BestTrade24 is promising you this contradicts investment sense in every way.

What scam sites have realized is that there are many people who would believe any information they read online thinking that things are as they seem.

According to the SEC website:

“Your net worth might make you a target for scams. Scam artists don’t care how you have come across your money. They don’t care whether you worked hard all your life to earn your money, or whether you hit the lottery the first time you played. It is your money they want. The only thing that may stand between a fraudster and your money is your preparedness when you are approached.”

This should teach you to never trust random sites that you encounter online.


Thousands of sites are launched daily. Unfortunately, most of them target uninformed and trusting people who do not conduct simple research on Google before investing their money.

People lose millions of dollars daily on account of this. This is why we advise that every investor use regulated investment sites that have appropriate oversight agency over them. You may check here for our top recommendation.

If you have views about BestTrade24, please send in your experience using the comment box below. You can also give suggestions on investment sites that you want to be reviewed on our site.

Author: Jofor Humani

Jofor is a crypto journalist with passion for investigative reviews.

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