Bexplus – This Scam Exchange Will Steal Your Funds


When you come across this exchange, your first instinct should not be about profit, otherwise you’ll be shocked at the losses you’ll incur.

I came across Bexplux exchange when the owners contacted us for advertorial services. Ordinarily, we are careful with the sort of businesses we run ads for so we decided to check them up knowing that there are many scam sites out there that will entice users just to steal their funds.


Bexplux is one of those exchanges that have scammers behind them, so if you’re thinking of investing with this company, there’s just one advice for you, “Don’t do it”.

What is Bexplus?

Bexplus is one of those fake exchanges that were set up by malicious actors who are aware that that there are many users who do not conduct any research before making investments.

Bexplux is offering a 100 times leverage without disclaimers like all scam sites in the hope that users would be taken in with the promises of quick profit.

According to the site, Bexplux “amplifies your gains” clearly referring to margin trading as amplification in a bid to lure some gullible investors into the investing in the exchange.

If you’re used to genuine cryptocurrency exchanges, you won’t be in doubt that Bexplux is obviously a scammer’s attempt at laying hands on your funds. This is so clear with their efforts at converting ordinary features to reasons why an investor should use the platform.

Every piece of content was hyped with a sales pitch such as the claim that you would make profit in buying and selling as seen with this:

“Diversified trading models. Two-way profits for buy-in(long) and buy-out(short). Risk prevention controllable.”

A close look at trading activities shows it to be a risk, but not on Bexplus because the intention is to make the investor believe there are only gains to be made.

If you send money to this exchange as an investment, you’re sure to lose it. This is why I always ask our readers to use regulated exchanges such as our top recommendation.

Trade Now To Become A Millionaire?

This scam in its quest to convince the investor has bogus bonuses termed “promotional activities”. For instance, there is a Gift June Giveaway, A Bexplus BTC Wallet Upgrade which is likely a phishing scam promising the user 72 percent ROI.


It is impossible to use a scammer’s wallet and not expect your funds to be stolen. Now the really outrageous one is a promise of 10 percent to 50 percent referral bonus from the deposits of the referral.

As improbable as it sounds, this exchange claims it could pay their affiliate 50 percent of the deposit made by the investor they referred. How do they hope to pay back the investor’s money? They have no plans of doing so anyway. This is despite the claims that you’re starting your millionaire journey by trading on Bexplus.

Making False Claims

Scammers and other malicious internet actors usually try to gain trust from their potential victims through non-existent association with reputable companies.

This is what Bexplus has tried to do on its “Coorperative Media” page. They claimed to have been recommended by companies and news media such as Forbes, CNN, New York Times and others. But a search within these organizations shows that none of them has ever mentioned Bexplus on their sites.


We discovered this through the effort of Sowns at BTT that the claim that they have any links with these reputable media is false.

According to Patatas another BTT user, it makes sense to avoid this exchange since they couldn’t have had so much exposure from big media organizations and still come to Cryptoinfowatch for press releases.

It is obvious that the scammers are searching for more channels for exposure and publicity to steal from uninformed and unsuspecting users.

An Elaborate Scam

It is clear that the Bexplus scam is one with a wide scope considering that the scammers have Japanese and Russian versions of this site.


There is even a fake Bexplus Investment Night 2018 photo in which the fraudsters doctored a picture from another occasion claiming it was a thank you party for Bexplus investors.

Furthermore, this unknown scam site claims that they have been around and even raised funds from the crypto community, yet no one has heard of the exchange or knew the time such funds were raised.

We realized that the photo was doctored due to a great job by another BTT user, Slow Death. Thanks to these researchers, it is very clear that Bexplus is another scam exchange that is poised to steal any funds deposited on the site.


Fake Reviews

It is common knowledge that scammers would pay for fake reviews or even give themselves positive reviews. Do not trust any positive reviews about this exchange.


This is why we always advise people to never part with their funds on any site unless it is proven to be legitimate. There have been many instances in which folks lost their funds just because they used obscure exchanges manned by fraudsters such as Bexplux.


Before sending funds to any exchange, check reviews and never use unknown exchanges. For an exchange to be safe, it must be regulated by appropriate authorities. Otherwise, you could wake up one morning and find out that your funds have grown wings.

Check here for the exchange that we recommend. If you’ve had experience with this Bexplus scam, please share it in the comment section below the post.

Author: Jofor Humani

Jofor is a crypto journalist with passion for investigative review of projects with the aim to determine the authenticity of their claims.

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