Binance Announces Wallet Maintenance for Ethereum ERC20


Binance has announced that it would be carrying out routine maintenance of its Ethereum ERC20 wallet. The announcement was contained in a blog post shared by the exchange on Twitter on Monday, August 29. According to the update, the maintenance would not affect the trading of ERC20 tokens on the exchange.

It adds that the maintenance would last for about 3 hours.

According to the release:

“Binance will perform wallet maintenance for Ethereum Network (ERC20) at 2022-08-31 06:30 (UTC).”

It further stated that withdrawals and deposits will be halted starting from 2022-08-31 06:25 (UTC). The company said that this will last throughout the period of the maintenance.

Binance Futures recently announced the launch of USDT-margined STG perpetual contracts. This contract is with up to 25x leverage and has a settlement in USDT. The contract which was launched on August 25, has a face value of 1 STG and a tick size of 0.0001.The trading hours is 24/7, while the maximum leverage is 25x.

The update states that users should note that multi-asset mode is supported for the futures contract.

“STGUSDT perpetual contracts are USDT-margined futures contracts that use USDT as collateral. Users will be able to select between 1-25x leverage.”

It adds that based on market risk conditions, Binance may adjust the contract settings from time to time.

“The Multi-Asset Mode allows users to trade USDⓈ-M perpetual contracts across multiple margin assets. Users can use BUSD as margin when trading USDT-margined perpetual contracts.”

The company also added SSV to Binance Convert. This gives users the ability to trade the token against others supported by Binance. SSV can now be traded against BTC, BUSD, USDC and any other tokens supported by Binance Convert at zero fees, the company update says.

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Author: Jofor Humani

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