Binance CEO Says They’re Not in Business for The Bull Market Only


The CEO of Binance, Changpeng Zhao, says they are not only here when the digital currency market pumps. He made this known through a tweet on his verified Twitter handle @cz_binance, on 30th August 2022.

“If you only want to be here for the bull market, that’s ok. For us, we are here all the time.”

Binance CEO says they will always be around

It is no news that the crypto world is in downtime right now. The dips Bitcoin and many Altcoins face have forced most traders to sell their cryptocurrencies.

However, CZ says the company is not only in the crypto market when it is trending upward. He added that they will always be in the market regardless of the trend.

CZ further tweeted that Bullish markets often begin from a dip or a downward swing. However, he added that he is not giving financial advice.

“Bull markets start from the bottom of the bear markets. Just saying.

( Not implying now is or is not the bottom. I have no idea. That’s why we are here all the time).”

Most Traders Are Determined To Hold

In response to CZ‘s tweet, some traders have shown they agree with his view. They are determined not to sell their digital currencies, regardless of the current market condition.

For instance, Tajo Crypto (@TajoCrypto) explains that traders who remain in the market, regardless of the trends, have greater chances of making a profit. He added that those who only join during the rise in the value of assets often lose.

Similarly, Satoshi Club (@esatoshiclub), added that there is always a lot to learn during dips, and there are many opportunities during this period.

BTC is currently traded at $20,437 on Binance, while ETH is around $1,593 at the time of this report.


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