Binance Undergoes Temporary System Maintenance

Binance has announced system maintenance on Wednesday February 19. This coincided with the mining of the 60th million USDT and investors using the platform showed apprehension due to positions already taken in the market.

Prior to the temporary maintenance action, a tweet by Binance CEO Cheng Zhao wrote:

“We will give 20-30 minutes of time to cancel orders when systems are all back online, before trading, as we typically do for maintenances. A lot of our new users may not know this yet. Probably another 45-90 minutes to go. Very rough estimate, don’t know how accurate it is.”

This didn’t go down well with some users who criticized the action as coming at a critical time. Interestingly, the company termed the action “unscheduled maintenance” with regular updates sent to the exchange’s users on progress made.


As at the time of filing this report, CZ wrote that deposits have been turned on

“Turned deposits on for just a second to do a live test. Waiting for charts to catch up, then we are good to go.”

Author: Jofor Humani

Writing is a late passion developed by Jofor. Other passions include singing hymns of praise. He has been creating crypto content since 2017 for many cryptocurrency and blockchain journalistic outlet.

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