Binance will remove some trading pairs from its spot market on Friday, May 26

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In a blog post published on its website, Binance announced that it would stop trading some pairs. The exchange said that it will remove these spot trading pairs with effect from May 26. The pairs are APT/BRL, AMP/BTC, BEL/ETH, FIS/BRL, GAL/ETH, GMT/BRL, APE/AUD, AVAX/AUD, AXS/AUD, DOT/AUD, and FTM/AUD.

Others that have been marked for removal from the exchange’s spot trading list are LINK/AUD, SAND/AUD, and SHIB/AUD; GMT/GBP; JASMY/BTC; KP3R/BNB; REI/BNB; SANTOS/BRL; STMX/BTC; and XTZ/BNB.

Phased removal on the same day

Even though Binance did not state the reason why it is stopping the trading of the pairs in its spot market, the release shows that the planned removal of the pairs scheduled for Friday has been phased in the following way:

At 03:00 (UTC), May 26, the following pairs will cease to be traded on the platform: APT/BRL, AMP/BTC, BEL/ETH, FIS/BRL, GAL/ETH, and GMT/BRL.

Two hours later, by 05:00 UTC, APE/AUD, AVAX/AUD, AXS/AUD, DOT/AUD, FTM/AUD, LINK/AUD, SAND/AUD, and SHIB/AUD will cease to be traded on the platform.

The remaining pairs marked for removal from the spot market of the exchange will stop being traded an hour later, at 06:00 UTC. These are GMT/GBP, JASMY/BTC, KP3R/BNB, REI/BNB, SANTOS/BRL, STMX/BTC, and XTZ/BNB.

Tokens are still tradable on Binance

The exchange made it clear that the token will not be delisted since users can still trade it with other available pairs on Binance. The trading bots for the listed pairs will be terminated at the time they are removed from trading in the platform’s spot market.

In another development, Binance is promoting crypto payments in an event tagged Paying with Crypto. The company is bringing together industry leaders to talk about the benefits of making payments in cryptocurrencies. Paying with Crypto is scheduled to be held live and on YouTube on May 30, 2023. Interested participants can register here.

Author: Jofor Humani

Jofor is a crypto journalist with passion for investigative reviews.