Binance Will Support Users Disabling Selling Of Coins Feature


The Binance CEO, Changpeng Zhao, said that he has suggested the disabling of selling of assets on Binance. The exchange CEO made the statement via a Twitter post on June 29.

This was in response to a post he made earlier, asking users the changes and improvements that they want to see on the exchange. CZ stated that he had earlier made the suggestion for the feature after a respondent said that he would want to see the no selling feature in Binance.

Another user, @carlocarlocarl, said they would want the exchange to implement full support for chart viewing for iPad applications. To this, CZ said that the company may not get to “for a while”.

Difficulty in Passing KYC

Another user said that the platform needed to work on the ease of verification for users. The Binance CEO said that the platform is working on improving its UX, adding that the process is so strict that he agrees that there is a need for improvement. Binance users have complained of difficulty in passing the verification process of the company. In his response, CZ said,

“Our process is so strict it’s not even funny. But UX can still be improved.”

Other features users desire on the platform include, Lightning Network withdrawal, according to Stephan Livera, the Managing Director of Swanbitcoin, Lightning Network integration is one feature that Binance users would appreciate.

@Cleitus_II suggests that the exchange adds an initial investment amount.

A Monthly Twitter AMA Approved

A monthly Twitter space AMA was suggested by CryptoAlerts365. The Binance CEO agreed that it will be implemented.

Another user, Abdul Basit said they would appreciate market stop-loss on Binance,

“There should be an option in which we can… can close specific trades in spots when btc reaches a certain figure …like if we are expecting a dip we can use btc figure(price) as a stop loss for our coins. I want my trades to close when btc goes to $18900”

Crypto Lion, @LSylhet, wants an integration with Metamask, while @notEezzy needs more fiat support and Paypal integration.

Author: Jofor Humani

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