Trust Wallet Launches Application for Mac OS

Trust Wallet

Trust Wallet, has announced that it will launch a stable version for Mac OS computers. According to CEO of Trust Wallet, Victor Radchenko, the wallet is already available for launch and would help amplify the use of on Mac devices.

He also hinted that there are currently ongoing tests for a Linux version of the wallet. It is anticipated that this version would be available for launch next week as there is a stable version.

Window Users Face Long Wait

Windows users will have to wait a little while as Trust Wallet has been unable to create an application for the operating system. This is surprising considering that 75% of crypto users utilize windows devices to access the web.

Trust Wallet was acquired by Binance in August 2018.  However at that time, Binance said that Trust Wallet would remain independent of its operations while Binance promotes and provides administrative support.

The Wallet quickly gained in popularity and was adopted by Binance as its official wallet with the exchange giving it full support and resources.

This series of moves by Trust Wallet is thought to be in response to the loss of market it suffered after the breach of Binance in February.

 Hackers were able to steal large amount of cryptocurrencies which led to Binance suspending operations for two weeks.

About Trust Wallet

Trust Wallet is an anonymous, decentralized and open-source wallet that supports Ether with all ERC20 and ERC223 tokens from Ethereum.

This allows users to maintain and store tokens such as ETC, OMG, QTUM, PPT, BNB, SNT, MKR, REP , VEN, IZIL, XTZ among others.

It has been characterized as an easy-to-use wallet with novel security features. Some of these include a private key and full anonymity with backup capability.

With the launch of this new desktop application, Trust Wallet aspires to become an integral solution for crypto users. As the official Binance wallet there are expectations from the user community that the wallet would meet up to the latest developments within the cryptosphere.


Author: Olowoporoku Adeniyi

cryptocurrency evangelist with five years experience in the blockchain industry

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