Bit Fortune Global – Similar Trick But Same Objective

One feature of supposed Bitcoin investment schemes these days is that they are mostly meant to entice the greedy.

Love for Big Profit

The business plan of the owners of these sites is almost always the same being that they are confident that if the profit is big enough the people will come despite the clear risks involves in such schemes as seen with Bit Fortune Global.

This is a site that promises to bring together a community of traders and investors in a bid to create an environment in which everyone would make profit. As enticing as the objective is, the reality is that there is no such scenario in which everyone could randomly be made to profit in an investment scheme that is not involved in any known commercial activity.

This brings to fore the question of the motive of the owners of the site in trying to bring together a community of investors considering that they could not prove that they are involved in any profit generating enterprise.


What is Bit Fortune Global?

If there is any credit to be given, it is the fact that the owners of this site unlike many phantom bitcoin investment sites did not pretend that they are involved in any commercial enterprise such as mining and trading as similar sites are wont to claim they rather claim a loose affiliation to such ventures.

According to the introductory section of the site,

“Bit Fortune Global brings together a community of traders and qualified investors dedicating to creating a beneficial and profitable environment for our members. Now you can turn your money-making dreams into a reality!”

Seeking Better Approach to Scams

As generic as that sounds, it is a radical departure from the usual claim that the company trades or mines for people. This made us realize that scam sites are beginning to realize that they have become rather too obvious using the common claim of mining and trading for investors.

This has become apparent because many eager for quick wealth through Bitcoin investment have lost a lot of money and the investors are wiser. The natural response to this is that scam sites are thinking of better approach in their bid to present respectable and legitimate view of their schemes.

However, it is a tough call for crypto scammers in that people are becoming aware that crypto mining and trading is not a path to automatic wealth even though these are investment opportunities that scammers cannot avoid mentioning in the quest to impress the gullible.

About Bit Fortune Global

For want of what to write about the scheme, the website further stated that,

“Bit Fortune Global is the cryptocurrency solution that creates an efficient environment for online mining. By making mining productive and accessible on a user-friendly platform, members of the BitFortune network gain access to great opportunities facilitated by effective operational centers.”

You really do not have to be a crypto expert to know that this is a lie. A look at the website makes it obvious that the people behind it don’t know what they are talking about as long as mining of digital currency is concerned.

Ignorant of Critical Mining Factors

To create an environment for efficient online mining is gibberish because mining profitability has little correlation with remoteness as applicable with online mining. Professional miners focus on hashpower and the mining efficiency of the hardware used as well as other features such as electricity and the policy of the government where the mining business is located.

Scammers are aware that many who are eager for crypto wealth are also ignorant, so they thrive on this ignorance to steal from people.

Another view of the site is that they simply choose how to invest your funds and you can relax and earn. You only need to ask yourself why a stranger would do that for you.

Commonsense should tell you that before you send your funds to someone across the internet, the person should prove that they are operating a legitimate business. The person must be identifiable and approved to operate as an investment broker by the country in which they operate from.

If the government has not given them approval to operate as in the case of Bit Fortune Global, the possibility that your funds would be converted to personal use is likely.

Is Bit Fortune Global A Legitimate Business?

There is no evidence that this company has the approval of any country to operate. In fact, the location of the business is not known even though the phone number provided by the site points to US.

A Cryptoinfowatch scrutiny could not verify that the phone is actively associated with the company as the operator at the other end simply wouldn’t answer calls pointing to the suspicion that they do not want to answer queries regarding the investment scheme.

Even though the company seems registered, this is not enough reason to trust it but rather may be an indication that the entities behind the site are far more desperate to convince investors to send them funds.

Remember that anyone could register a business but if the appropriate body that should have oversight function over such a business doesn’t, you could still lose your funds if you entrust them to such entities.

How Long Has BitFortune Global Been in Business?

Whois gives some insight into the domain It shows that the site was registered on February 7, 2019 which means that it has no online reputation. There is no reason to entrust your funds to this site.


What Does BitFortuneGlobal Promise?

Bitfortuneglobal has three investment plans that promise 0.35% hourly, 0.4% hourly and 0.45% hourly respectively. A critical look at these plans shows that the least is promising 8.4 percent daily or 252% monthly.


One question any investor should ask themselves is how this is possible. No trading activity or mining activity has the capacity to guarantee that sort of income. This means that Bitfortuneglobal is just a scam waiting to get its hands on your funds.

There is an active affiliate program just as seen with most scam sites. The essence is to create awareness and generate more deposits. The investment plans have minimum duration of 100 days.


You can bet that if the owners of this site have gained enough followers and funds, none of the depositors would get their funds back talk less the profit. is a confirmed and ongoing scam. It is a sure way of flushing your money down the drain. For a better way of earning check this social platform.

If you have used Bitfortuneglobal and wish to share your experience, do so using the comment box below.

Author: Jofor Humani

Jofor is a crypto journalist with passion for investigative review of projects with the aim to determine the authenticity of their claims.

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