Bitcoin At Premium As Argentine Central Bank Places Limits On Dollar Purchase

Argentina’s central bank recently placed limits on the volume of dollar that people can purchase each month. This is in a bid to stabilize the peso and strengthen the economy. The effect has been a higher demand on Bitcoin causing it to be sold at prices higher than the global average.

The Argentine economy has had hiccups in the past. Argentina’s president-elect Alberto Fernández recently selected an economic team with the mandate to turn the economy that is on the verge of ninth sovereign debt default.

Data from Ripio, a cryptocurrency exchange based in the country shows that while Bitcoin traded at $9,150 according to Coinmarketcap, it exchanged at ARS 633,862 or the equivalence of $10,578.

The recent measure by the Argentine central bank which pegged the limit of dollar an individual could purchase at $100 is the reason why Bitcoin is trading at premium rates in the country as investors search for means to circumvent the measure.

Prior to the central bank restriction, Bitcoin traded at 12 percent higher in the country even among peer to peer exchanges such as Localbitcoins. The lowest offer seen on the exchange listed Bitcoin for sale at $10,805, 18 percent higher than the global average.

At Paxful, another peer to peer exchange, Bitcoin is traded even higher with the only offer available at $11,150. Despite the premium price, data from shows that Bitcoin volume is increasing at the country’s Localbitcoins site.

It is possible that the government policy would lead to greater adoption of Bitcoin in the country. Although the digital currency has not found much use as a means of transfer of value, many use it as a store of value.

Camilla Ruso, a journalist in a tweet highlighted that the policy has caused the value of DAI, the stable currency to rise.


Author: Jofor Humani

Jofor is a crypto journalist with passion for investigative reviews.

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