Bitcoin Cash Gets Listed As ETP On Swiss AMUN AG

Bitcoin Cash

It is definitely a good time all around the crypto world. Bitcoin Cash is not left out of this trend. The cryptocurrency which was developed by major Bitcoin miners will gain better exposure in the coming days as it has been listed in the world first ETP.

Amun AG, a Fintech company from Switzerland which is centered on cryptocurrency has listed its first Exchange Traded Product – ETP on Friday. ETP replicates underlying assets and it will track Bitcoin Cash’s activities and success on SIX Swiss Exchange.

Talking about the development, Amun AG Co-Founder,  Hany Rashwan says that:

“We are delivering our strategy, which is to provide investors with the wider product suite in the crypto-assets space, easily available on one of the most reputable market place, the Swiss Exchange. Thanks to this product, investors can now easily”

Bitcoin Cash is currently having a hard time in the market. This news will give it enough confidence to rise as Roger Ver. Ver, the owner of and a true fan of Bitcoin Cash.

“Bitcoin Cash is becoming a game changer in the crypto ecosystem and beyond, and Amun will help solidify its global adoption. We are confident that our investment in the new Amun BCH ETP will set the example and drive more investors to join the growing community which believes in the success of Bitcoin Cash.”

However, Ripple XRP coin will be traded on SIX’s ETP as well. The Swiss Exchange SIX is located in Zurich reportedly  having a $1.61 trillion support value this year. Amun’s BCH Exchange Traded Product which is now listed on SIX, has denominations in US Dollars.

The introduction of this two cryptocurrencies will definitely help other coins see the need to join the next generation business ecosystem.

Author: Zoran Spirkovski

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