Bitcoin Cash Network Cannot Mine Blocks Bigger Than 2 MB – Developer

Bitcoin Cash is facing fresh criticism after its lead developer alluded to the fact that the altcoin is incapable of mining blocks larger than 2 MB. The latest exchange occurred on Reddit when Amaury Sechet made a comment on the issue raised by another user who is obviously a miner.

The September 2 Reddit comment suggested that the original Bitcoin Cash ABC hasn’t the capacity to mine larger blocks unlike what the proponents of the platform suggested at the outset. The response which seemed that it could create another problem while trying to solve the scalability issue stated:

“Sure or we can mine large block, so we move the problem from the mempool to indexing node that fill trip over themselves bsv style as they are not optimized to handle 100x the usual demand. Or we can solve the problem rather than trading it against another.”

BCH Below Expectations

Even though there have been several interpretations of the comment, what is obvious is that the Bitcoin Cash platform fell short of the expectation with which the platform was promoted. In 2017 when the project was launched, promoters such as Roger Ver made it seem as if it would solve all the shortcomings of Bitcoin.

It seems that the bigger blocks concept was more of a ruse or not as practical as the team thought possible. There has been a sort of cold war between the proponents of BTC and BCH even before the internal Bitcoin Cash wrangling that resulted in the birth of Bitcoin Cash Satosh Vision (BCH SV).

Retweeting the Sechet tweet, Blockstream engineer, Grubles tried to make a no issue of the statement when he wrote:

“No big deal. Just the main developer for #bitcoincash saying it can’t currently handle bigger than 2MB blocks,”

Laid Claims To More Than Accomplished

He further tried to make it clear that the platform claimed more that they actually were able to accomplish insinuating that some miners of the platform suggested that the internal mining processes of the Bitcoin Cash system be manipulated according to a tweet made to Roger Ver.

A comment by AvatarX stated that Amaury Sechet did not explicitly state that the Bitcoin Cash network is incapable of mining bigger blocks

“He didn’t said it directly but didn’t denied the premise. But it is something I have suspected and talked about for a year. As they never have had a 30 days constant blocksize of even 1MB,”

No altcoin has come close to giving Bitcoin a real challenge despite all the claims made by the supported prior to launch. BCH ABC may have more challenges than the developer has admitted.

Author: Chris Mharc

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