Bitcoin Invites – Do You Need Some Free Dollars?


Many sites are innovative in their belief that they could get people to believe that it is easy to make money by making quick investments in cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin Invites is one of such sites that is being promoted by participants with the hope that they would make a lot of money by referring their friends to the program.

According to the site, every participant can get $12 worth of bitcoins by referring just one person. Obviously, there are many people who are looking towards inviting hundreds of people so that they earn thousands of dollars.

This review will give you an insight into what Bitcoin Invites is all about and what you should expect as an investor or participant in the scheme.

What is Bitcoin Invites?

Bitcoin InvitesThis is a site that claims that every participant can get free bitcoins by following its step by step tutorial on how things are done on the scheme. According to the site:

“The best part is that this bitcoin generating website is absolutely free. That’s right! The only thing you have to do is just to invite friends and put in your bitcoin wallet address. The service is made to supercharge your cryptocurrency enthusiasm with earning easy bitcoins.”

Well…that may be enticing enough for you to want to get involved. After all, who doesn’t want free thing talk less free money? But have you asked yourself what the catch is? We all know that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably isn’t true.

There is no one that has unlimited supply of bitcoins that they can give away to people just because they are downloading some apps as Bitcoin Invites wants you to believe. What we have is a site that is a funnel for affiliate programs as we see from the content:

“Doing verification process you might see one offer you have to complete, and in all honesty, this is where we make our money to buy every user bitcoins. So bear with us. These offers usually take about 2 minutes to complete and are free. For example you have to install one free app on your mobile phone and run it for some time. After that you will complete verification to get coins and we receive profits to pay you out. 99% of the money goes to other user”

Binance Referral Link

We can also see that the site is using a Binance referral link for people who do not have Bitcoin wallet. Maybe you’re not aware that using an exchange wallet for the storage of your bitcoin is a mistake since exchanges are not safe options for bitcoin storage. The impression the owners of the site create is that they do not have the best interest of the participants in mind since it is easy to lose bitcoins left on an exchange wallet.

However you look at it, the essence of the site is just to get people to click on referral links and download apps that would make profit for the owner of the site. But this may not be a bad business model. It is acceptable practice to promote affiliate links as long as you’re willing to keep your own part of the bargain, but…

Will You Get Paid?

Having an army of affiliates promoting your website could be a quick way to gain traction. This means that there could be hundreds or thousands of people promoting the Bitcoin Invites site in a few days or months. However, if you’re one of such people, what chances do you have to get the funds promised by the site?

Let us assume that you referred 20 of your friends to this site and expect to get $200. What then? We can use common sense to know that this business model is not sustainable since there could be thousands of people making referrals. Where would the owner of the site get the funds to pay them?

Obviously, we can get a hint that you’d work for nothing if you invest in promoting this site. The owners already tried to exonerate themselves:

“If you are having problems with withdrawing bitcoins or collecting referrals there could be a few reasons:

Check for Ad Blocks

If our server detects running ad block software or that offers being blocked by your browser or other software then you can’t withdraw your earned bitcoins. If you can’t see our sponsors offers then there is a chance that some software is blocking the offers. It could be just a simple add-on in your browser or plugin which is blocking verification process.

In that case just make sure to turn it off temporary to finish verification process and then you can turn it on again. Antivirus and malware software can also be blocking websites so you can temporary disable them if you have any problems with withdrawal or invites too.

Device Compatibility

We coded our website service with the most popular devices in mind. This means most of the modern devices will support our service. If in some rare case you will find that your device is not supporting our website just try another browser or device. Again if you have older browsers make sure to update them and disable any ad blockers and other software which can interfere with website.”

You can see from the above that you won’t have problems promoting the site but will definitely have problem withdrawing any supposed earnings that you made on the site. We have seen sites like this so many times and realize that the purpose is to use people as traffic generating channels and leave them hurting.


It is not difficult to know that a site cannot be trusted, especially when its business model is shady. Such sites usually take advantage of fake testimonials as seen with Bitcoin Invites. At best, they would pay some people to send in these testimonies but it is doubtful that those on the site are from real users.


Most people want to make money with their time or money. If you’re interested in using your time to make money, there are good options such as learning how to trade, but if your interest is to make money with your assets, there are good investment sites that enable you do that.

What is your opinion and experience with Bitcoin Invites? Please share it using the comment box below.



Author: Jofor Humani

Jofor is a crypto journalist with passion for investigative reviews.

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