Bitcoin is On Its Way To $100,000 – Apple Co-Founder, Wozniak

Steve Wozniak, the co-founder of Apple has expressed his belief that the digital currency could be on its way to being valued more than $100,000. The tech geek made the comment during the Steve-O’s Wild Ride podcast.

Speaking about his interest in Bitcoin, he said:

“My life’s purpose is to have enough to play with, experiment with but not to make money on-and two times it’s gone way up and made me money and just recently I think Bitcoin is gonna go to 100,000.”

In his opinion, Bitcoin has been extremely successful and there are a lot of people who are interested in it. He said that it is the future of finance.

According to Wozniak, the market price of Bitcoin will likely reach $100,000, which many market watchers and enthusiasts are anticipating.

Holds Bitcoin in A Coinbase Wallet

Wozniak, who once described Bitcoin as mathematical gold, stated that he always wanted to experiment with the cryptocurrency. He added that he owns some bitcoin in his account at Coinbase.

“I can’t put any mathematics to it, I just feel that the interest in crypto is so high and so I put a bunch of money into an online wallet account Coinbase and pretty much, it’s sitting right there,”

Wozniak maintained that despite his interest in the cryptocurrency, he was rattled by the high volatility of Bitcoin and by extension, the coin market. This was the reason why he sold most of his original stash.

“I wanted to experiment and learn it all, then bitcoin went way up. I got scared and I sold all my Bitcoin except one bitcoin,’’ said Wozniak.

His foray into Bitcoin was not the engineer’s first contact with digital currencies. He said that in the early days of Bitcoin, he actually worked with a company that was into cryptocurrencies and actually contemplated building his own coin, WOZX.

A Lesser Evil

On the environmental impact of Bitcoin, Wozniak dismissed the claims that Bitcoin could be responsible for woes in the environment. He added that there are more serious threats to the ecosystem than BTC. He gave examples with automobiles, aircraft and other combustion engines known to release Greenhouse gasses. He added that Bitcoin is a lesser evil compared to those.



Author: Jofor Humani

Jofor is a crypto journalist with passion for investigative reviews.