Bitcoin Payment – Which Investment Sites Should You Trust?

Bitcoin Payment

Just look at this:

“Looking for highest returns on your investments? BITCOIN-PAYMENT INVESTMENT LTD is an automatic online investment platform, part of BITCOIN-PAYMENT INVESTMENT LTD – team of professional traders focusing mainly on Bitcoin and other crypto currencies trading over multiple Exchanges and markets. Thanks to the extraordinary diversification of our investments, we are able to deliver steady income for our investors.”

That probably doesn’t make sense to you if you’re an experienced investor within the cryptosphere. If it does, it means that you have a lot to learn on how the coin market or any other market for that matter works.

Whenever you come across a site that is promising you outrageous ROI, you most likely are dealing with a scam that is primed to steal your funds.

Thousands of such sites are launched online daily in the bid to steal from investors. Many are making a living out of these scams because there are many investors putting their funds in what they do not understand.

What is Bitcoin Payment?

Bitcoin PaymentThis is a site that claims to be backed by a professionally managed company based in the United Kingdom. According to the site from the quote above, it is an investment company involved in mining and trading of cryptocurrencies.

Even though it laid emphasis on trading, it also mentioned mining even though it did not explain how it makes money from that activity. It also could not present evidence that it is has a mining farm anywhere.

The so-called brand new online mining platform claimed that it is an avenue through which investors with zero experience in trading could earn a lot of profit.

It is obvious from the way the site switched from mining to trading without making effort to explain which of these businesses it is focused on or how it is generating such massive profits that this is not a site any serious investor should trust.

The reason is that scams cloak their guile by claiming expertise, giving prospects the impression that they are on top of their games so the investor need not bother how the money is made, but should simply invest, then sit back and enjoy the profit.

Investors who do not ask the important questions with the view of getting the real answers lose their funds to scams. If they’re making 300 percent for instance, what are they doing differently from other businesses in the same line of operation that generate less than 10 percent within same period?

Fake Registration Certificate

At Cryptoinfowatch, we have always maintained that registration of businesses does not necessarily imply that such businesses are involved in legitimate operations.

There are hundreds of businesses registered daily by fraudsters to further their criminal activities, so an investor should not deem a site legitimate just because it displays a certificate of registration.

The Bitcoin Payment site seems to have pushed its fraudulent activity a notch higher by actually forging a certificate. We found out that the registration number displayed on the certificate, 43320974 does not exist. A search of the name, BITCOIN-PAYMENT INVESTMENT LTD also yielded nothing.

Bitcoin PaymentWhen a site lies about any aspect of the activities of the company behind it, it is an indication that it is operated by dishonest individuals.

False Guarantees

There is no business that is 100 percent sure of profit. When an investment site doesn’t add disclaimers on its content but gives only guarantees of profit, it points to the fact that such sites are not reliable.

Regulators such as the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), advise investors to avoid businesses that do this because such ventures are likely operated by fraudsters bent on convincing the investor to send the funds at all cost.

Genuine investment sites would warn you of the risks associated with your investments. They’ll also make sure that they live up to their promises. According to the SEC:

“Most fraudsters spend a lot of time trying to convince investors that extremely high returns are “guaranteed” or “can’t miss.” Don’t believe it.”

This makes nonsense of what is written on the Bitcoin Payment site which stated that:

Bitcoin Payment

“Our program, unlike any other, guarantees fix hourly interest for investors regardless of market conditions.”

314 Days Online?

We can see that this is another claim made by the site, alluding to having been online for more than 10 months. However, this is another false statement.

A Whois search shows that the domain was registered on July 25, 2019, which is just 3 months ago.

Bitcoin PaymentFraud sites lie about their duration online because they are eager to create the impression that they are credible. There are many internet users that trust sites that have been in operation for long periods since they assume that such sites have built online credibility.

320 Percent in 12 Hours?

The fraudster behind this site is quite ambitions. They’re asking investors to make deposits of up to $10,000. Thoigh like most scams, they wouldn’t mind smaller investments of $10.

It seems that crypto scam investment site owners are eager to get all the deposits they could lay their hands on.

Even though profits as high as 300 percent is not consistently possible for any business, it is important to point this out because there are many investors that seem oblivious of this fact.

Bitcoin PaymentIf the owner of this site could generate 300 percent profit, they wouldn’t share it with anyone. Rather they would prefer to keep doubling or tripling their own funds instead of asking investors for deposits that would entail reducing the profit the company makes.

Anyway, it is already obvious that this is a scam site, so anyone that sends deposits to it would lose their funds.

Who is the Scammer?

One feature common with many scam sites is that they solicit for trust. Same trust they abuse by stealing from people. This site lived up to its fraudulent reputation:

“We are pleased to let you know that bitcoin payment is the best organisation you can invest with, we are solemly genuine and don’t accept any emotional black mail, We trade and mine Bitcoin which generates the specified profit for each plan as set, do well to invest with bitcoin payment and flee scammers. We are The best company in the world.”

Bitcoin PaymentEvery savvy investor would see through the unprofessional content. Everything about this site points to the fact that these are scammers that are making every effort to convince the uninformed investor.

They even went further by using the images of reputable blockchain leaders such as Buterin, Larson and Garlinghouse.


Remember that a scammer doesn’t care how you came about your money. Their interest is just to steal it even if it is all the savings you’ve got after working all your life. It is your responsibility to protect your funds by being informed and avoiding random unregulated sites.

For the investment site that we recommend, check here.

What is your experience with scam sites? Please share them using the comment box below.

Author: Jofor Humani

Jofor is a crypto journalist with passion for investigative review of projects with the aim to determine the authenticity of their claims.

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