Bitcoiner Chronicles His Unconventional Path to Retirement on Less Than 6.15 Bitcoins

school bus

In a fascinating tale shared on Twitter, a Bitcoin enthusiast, @americanhodl8 recounts his unique journey to retirement on less than 6 bitcoins. Here’s his story:

He began by selling his home and purchasing an old school bus, which he then converted into an RV. Despite the crowded conditions for his family of 12, he found that the close quarters fostered familial bonding and allowed his children to see the world.

Dumpster diving for food

With housing costs taken care of, the next major expense was food. His solution? Dumpster diving! While it might sound extreme, the dumpster food wasn’t for him or his family. Instead, he built a coop and hauled 30 chickens in the back of the bus. The chickens feasted on the dumpster fruit and vegetables and provided daily fresh eggs in return.

The entire family adhered to a strict carnivore diet, which was made affordable by their egg production. However, they often consumed more eggs than their chickens produced, leading to an additional weekly food expense of $300.

Sleeping arrangements were cozy, to say the least. The family slept three to a bunk near the front of the bus, with dogs and cats nestled in as well. Their rooster, Satoshi, was a regular troublemaker, often escaping the coop to peck at the sleeping children.

Targeting the $500 grand prize

To earn extra income, he entered the family school bus in extreme bus races around the country. Known as the “chicken man” on the circuit, he competed for a grand prize of $500 while his family cheered from the stands.

Racing was just for fun though. To avoid dipping into their Bitcoin stack too much, he started a business with a fellow Bitcoiner.

With his business thriving and his family on board with their cost-cutting lifestyle changes, they managed to remain cost-neutral and preserve their Bitcoin stack.

Author: Jofor Humani

Jofor is a crypto journalist with passion for investigative reviews.