Bitcryptoinvestors – Can You Trust A Company Like This One?

Bitcrypto Investment

There have been several claims by companies and entities that they have the capacity to continually post Bitcoin profits. This may be premised on the fact that they are aware that there are many new investors in the crypto field. Bitcrypto Investors is one of such companies that are promising high interest through mining and trading of cryptocurrencies.

In this post, we shall take a close look at the Bitcrypto Investment Company to ascertain the veracity of its claims so that you make informed decisions regarding the company.

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Identity Crisis?

Bircrypto InvestorsThe first irregularity that we noticed with this site is in its identity. The company announced that it is Bit Crypto Investment Company in its introduction on its homepage. However, we noticed several other names that would have an investor or site visitor wondering if not this is an entity undergoing an identity crisis.

On the site’s header, the branding on its logo described the company as BitCryto Investors while the doman was listed as Bitcryptoinvestors. Finally, the company renders as Bitclubinvestment on the browser effectively giving four names to the same entity.

Bitcrypto Investors

What Does Bitcrypto Investors Do?

From the site, the entity claims that it is involved in the trading of crypto assets and mining. This is a common claim by many dubious sites so we decided to check the source of publicity and why the company is making such claims.

One interesting fact that every Bitcoin or crypto investor should know is that Bitcoin mining is no longer a simple affair which could be profitably done by every entity just because they have some funds to purchase mining hardware.

These days, it takes joining large mining pools such as Antpool to even stand the chance of making profit in Bitcoin mining.

The domain was registered on August 28, 2018 although the owner was not shown by the registrar having been concealed with a privacy feature.

Bitcrypto Investors

Mining Without Evidence

According to Bitcrypto Investors, it has a secure and easy way to mine Bitcoin. It also claims that it is a Bitcoin investment company that you can trust. Nevertheless, a close scrutiny of the site did not provide evidence that this is a company involved in mining or trading.

What is obvious is that this site is more focused on getting investors to send investment funds, without explaining clearly how it hoped to utilize such funds to the benefit of investors.

These days, many ponzi schemes are set up by random people in the guise of Bitcoin investment. The purpose is to get funds from many people who believe that Bitcoin is easy to get.

Scanty Information

One feeling that a circumspect visitor to the Bitcryptoivestors site would come away with is that this is a site that has a lot to hide concerning its activities, yet it is eager to convince investors that they would make profit by sending funds to the owners of the site.

Investment Plans

One weird thing about this site is its investment plans which the site owners may have intentionally made to be unclear. For instance, its basic Starter plan requires a minimum of $300 with a 100 percent ROI paid four times. There was no indication of duration of the investment, whether one day or a year.

The other plans according to the site are Silver and Gold which could give returns as high as 200% and 340% respectively. Like the basic plan, payment would be received four times even though the tenure of the investment was not stated.

Bitcrypto Investors

Who Are the Owners of Bitcryptoinvestors?

Searching through the site shows that the owners were not listed even though they claimed the business is located in Australia. There is no evidence that this business is actually located at the address from the searches we’ve made.

Based on its evasiveness and the high ROI, it is obvious that Bitcryptoinvestors is another scam waiting to steal your funds.

What is obvious is that this business has no verifiable physical address, also, it doesn’t provide any evidence that it is involved in mining activities despite its claims. We have therefore concluded that there is definitely no basis for its extraordinary claims that it could pay the high returns to investors.

What it lacks in conviction and proof, Bitcryptoinvestors adequately made up in fancy website that is so colorful that some investors would certainly be deceived thinking that this is a legitimate business.

It is Not!

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Signs of A Scam Site

Searching through the Bitcryptoinvestors site shows that this is a typical scam that focuses on deposits. Unfortunately, the investor may never get their money or the promised profits if they were deceived into making any deposits on this site.

Sites like this rely on referrals from their partners who may never invest any of their own funds.

“The company’s growth is difficult to imagine without the help of numerous customers and partners. Many of them have been cooperated [sic]with us before and know about our capabilities, they helped us in shaping of business strategy and bringing the first investment in trust management. Today, any of our clients can be our partner and even earn through affiliate link. After registration each user receives a unique affiliate link (which contains his username). You can use this link for registration of new investors. Just send this link to your friend via email. Once your friend clicks a link and signs up, he becomes your referral.”

The quality of the web copy is possibly the reason there is so little content on a site that is soliciting for investors’ funds. It could be that the owners are not native English and so, not Australians or they hired a low cost copywriter to create the content of the site.

Empty FAQ Page

Interestingly, the FAQ page is blank. This could be to avoid close scrutiny on the claims made on this site. Nevertheless, it is absolutely clear that this is a shady site that should be avoided by all investors.

Bitcrypto Investors


Cryptocurrency scams are very common these days. Do not be fooled into thinking there’s a channel through which digital currencies are earn as easily as these scam sites claim.

To invest in a genuine company, check our recommendation. For your comments, please use the comment box below and do not forget to share!

Author: Jofor Humani

Jofor is a crypto journalist with passion for investigative review of projects with the aim to determine the authenticity of their claims.

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