Bithubber – Hunting for Trust To Gain Your Funds

Getting a good investment site may seem simple, but in reality, there are several challenges associated with investing, especially if the investor is not experienced. Bithubber is a site that claims they provide safe investment for their clients. Like in all investment claims, it is important that the investor carry out due diligence to avoid regrets.

Hunting for Trust

Owners of the site are clearly aware that it takes trust to convince people to send funds to a strange site. So they made effort in the bid to convince the users that the site is safe as you can see from the statement:

“Choosing The Right Trustees Perspectives On Wealth, Make Your Investments Safe & Stable & Profitable.”

However, even scam sites want people to believe that they are reliable. The objective is to steal the funds that people send them because they trust them.

Suspicious Investment Offers

A view of the site shows that it has four investment options that offer unrealistic ROI. For instance, the least option is 110 percent in just 24 hours. This is clearly a scam site since it is not possible to double your investment in 24 hours.

Fraudsters set up high yield investment scam sites like this in the hope that someone would be ignorant enough to believe their sham. The scammers behind Bithubber are even more daring in presenting higher ROI of up to 200 percent in 72 hours.

It is important to understand that fraudsters have no other way of enticing investors except through lies that they would gain high profits if the investor buys their investment offers.

According to the Securities and Exchange Commission,

“Con artists are experts at gaining your confidence. So be certain to treat all unsolicited investment opportunities with extreme caution. Whether you hear about the opportunity through an email, phone call, or a fax, be certain to check out both the person and firm making the offer and the investment they are pushing.”

What more evidence do you have that an investment site is a scam than when they promise high returns that is not in tune with reality. If it is possible for any business to double the investment of investors in days, no one would be poor. In fact, the reality of such a scenario would be that the company would not be interested in soliciting for funds since the owners would focus on doubling their own money. After all, firms are in business to make money not to make you rich.

Commonsense dictates that owners of a thriving business with the capacity to double funds would not let you know about it since they’d be interested in maintaining their comparative advantage and not sharing their profit with investors.

If you have skills that would make you double your funds, you won’t be asking investors to bring money. You’d simply start doubling your money daily and in a short time, you’d be the richest person on earth. But since the only way fraudsters make money is by stealing the funds of others, they create the impression that there are quick and easy method that they have through which they make you rich. Sending your money to Bithubber would result in losing your funds. Remember, the main purpose of the scam is to steal your money.

Fraudsters Use Fake Testimonials

BithubberBithubberThe feature of scam investment sites is that they never show the real identities of their owners for obvious reasons. Sometimes, they steal identities of other people or concoct fake ones and use them for testimonials. If successful, people are made to believe that there are other investors benefiting from the fraud site.

We can see that Bithubber stole the images they used on their site’s testimonials from the internet. These are mostly stock photos that have been reified as real people in the quest to deceive many others that people are actually benefitting from the scam.





Common scams hide the identities of the owners, use easily registration platforms, create impression that they have been online for a long time, post fake data such as withdrawals and deposits and may even have a referral program.

However, they never are properly regulated by the right agencies responsible for oversight functions over them. This is because such agencies must verify the authenticity of the claims before they approve the operation of such business.

To avoid losing your funds, make sure that you avoid random and unregulated sites such as Bithubber. You can check a genuine investment site that would enable you grow your funds through a social investment scheme that everyone can partake in. This is actually our top recommendation.

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Author: Jofor Humani

Jofor is a crypto journalist with passion for investigative review of projects with the aim to determine the authenticity of their claims.

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