Bitinks Says They Can Grow Bitcoins


There are many platform such as Bitinks that claim that they have the skills and capacity to increase how much bitcoins you own. Some of these platforms claim that they do this through mining, trading or any other concepts they use to convince investors that there is money to be made.

Unfortunately, what we have seen over the years is that some platforms are poised to steal the funds of investors through these programs in this post, we shall take a closer look at Bitinks to see if it has the potentials to meet the objectives of the investor.

What is Bitinks?

BitinksThis is a platform that claims it is helping its clients to make profit through trading and mining activities. Unfortunately, there is no evidence provided to prove that Bitinks is actually into any profitable venture. The site did not elaborate on the mining activities of the company. The name of the company mining for them was not mentioned. Also there is no data to show that there is trading activities going on in which the company is involved.

A random and unsubstantiated claim that they can help you make money seems to be the basis on which the site hopes to lure potential investors to make money.

Fake Testimonials

BitinksThe drive to claim legitimacy and be accepted is the reason scammers always use false information on their sites. This is evident from the fact that Bitinks used false testimonies from random and non-existent clients in the bid to make people believe that the site is a genuine investment company.

According to the testimonial section, one Jason A. claims he is happy with the services of the company, however a close scrutiny shows that this is not a genuine identity but the stolen identity of another person taken from the internet. A reverse engineering of the image was taken from a Russian website.

The other images displayed and the identities of the owners are all suspect. This is an indication that the purpose of this site is to deceive prospective investors and steal their funds.

BitinksThis is why you must not send your funds to random sites just because they claim they could help you make money. Genuine investment sites never promise you overnight wealth with little or no work.

High Yield Investment Program

Promises of overnight wealth is bait used by fraudsters to deceive potential investors. If any investment proposition sound too good to be true, it probably isn’t. Here is the warning from the Securities and Exchange Commission:

“SEC and CFTC staff have recently observed investment scams where fraudsters tout digital asset or “cryptocurrency” advisory and trading businesses.  In some cases, the fraudsters claim to invest customers’ funds in proprietary crypto trading systems or in “mining” farms.  The fraudsters promise high guaranteed returns (for example, 20-50%) with little or no risk. 

After the investors make an investment, typically using a digital asset such as Bitcoin, the fraudsters in some cases stop communicating with the investors altogether.  These fraudsters can quickly send your money overseas, with little chance of you being able to get it back.”

It is obvious that with the obscure ROI on the site and the clearly high profit of at least 10 percent daily promised, the investor will likely lose their funds if they are fooled to send it to the operators of this site.

Fake Country Code

From the contact phone number shown on the site, it is obvious that the operators are not operating from the United States despite their claim that the company is based in New York. The phone number +84 846 250 592 is definitely not a US phone number but located in Vietnam.

No reputable company lies about any aspect of their operation. When you find any false claims, you’re most likely dealing with fraudsters.



The Bitinks domain was registered on November 18, 2019 and so could not have had as many users as it claims. Even if it does, it is not a site that is reliable since there is no evidence that it is involved in any legitimate income-generating activity.  Sending your cryptocurrency to this site would result in loss since it is obvious that the motive of the owners is to defraud the investors.

There are better investment sites that could help you grow your assets. The site that we recommend is a social trading site where you can copy experienced investors and get the same result as they. Here is our top recommendation.


Author: Jofor Humani

Jofor is a crypto journalist with passion for investigative review of projects with the aim to determine the authenticity of their claims.

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