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If you’re seriously looking at Bitoke as a site through which to earn some bitcoins, I would assume that you’re in dire need to make some money. However, the problem with sites such as this is that they would waste your time without helping you accomplish your objective of earning enough money to compensate for the time that you wasted playing around on it.

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What is Bitoke?

Bitoke is a website that promises that the users can earn or win bitcoins by opening boxes. However, it is obvious that the intention of the site is to generate a lot of referral traffic and have some of the users generate funds for the owners through a paid-to-do system.

BitokeIt is easy to know that this is the objective of the site when you scroll down to the base where several affiliate programs are displayed.

As expected from such sites, Bitoke is a spammy site that has a lot of other sites to which it redirects its users in the quest to generate funds from them. Even though there are worse types of time-wasting scams, what is annoying about this type of scam is that people who participate in them never get paid after wasting time in irrelevant actions.

How Does it Work?

This site uses the virtual box principle in which people are given the impression that they are mining bitcoins on the site by opening boxes to find gems in them.

BitokeWhen a user finds a gem, they are rewarded with small amounts of bitcoins that is in satoshis. This means that after hours of work, the users may not even earn up to a cent worth of bitcoins although at the initial stage, the participants are given the impression that this is a profitable engagement and may earn something higher at the onset.

However, as the game progresses, it becomes increasingly difficult to win more gems and so the minimum threshold amount required to make withdrawal is quite difficult to reach.

Sites such as Bitoke are designed to go viral by making the users think that it is easy to make money by playing around with these boxes. It is a variant of faucets that reward users for actions they take on a site except that even the small volume of bitcoins that faucets pay are hardly paid by these box opening sites.

Their strategy is just to have many participants clicking their affiliate sites to generate funds for the site owners while making it difficult for the gem hunters to reach the minimum withdrawal amount.

No One Gets Paid

This is the reason why it is nearly practically impossible to get any participant in these box opening sites who ever get paid. Most would get frustrated down the line and quit because the 0.001 BTC minimum pay-out is a mirage to accomplish.

Is It Really Free?

There are two ways to make money on the internet – the free and the paid. Those that are free mostly are paid for with your time. However, this would have been a fair means of making small quantities of bitcoins if you would be paid after so much effort on your part, but you won’t.

It is therefore better to avoid any gem hunting sites such as Bitoke or Lootbits and many others out there. Why would you waste your time on sites that pay you bitcoin dust that may not even pay for a cup of coffee daily? If you’re online to make money, make real money and don’t waste your time picking pennies.

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Would You Recommend This to Friends?

The Bitoke domain was registered on April 29 which is less than 3 months ago. The marketing strategy employed by the site is a referral system with which the owners hope to leverage on to make the site viral. But why would you refer your friends to such time-wasting sites that wouldn’t pay you after all your labor?


It makes sense to avoid Bitoke and go for sites that actually are worth your while and where your efforts would count.


Scam sites are not just those that steal peoples’ money. Those that waste your time without paying you for your efforts are scammers too. There are many individuals that have no other source of livelihood aside thinking of ways to cheat people out of their times or money.

Bitoke is an active scam and every serious investor in time or money on the internet should avoid such sites. For a site that we recommend for online profit, check our top recommendation.

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Author: Jofor Humani

Jofor is a crypto journalist with passion for investigative review of projects with the aim to determine the authenticity of their claims.

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