Bitrue Announces Support For LUNA Rebirth Through Trading And Farming


Bitrue has announced that it will fully support the LUNA rebirth. In a blog post that the exchange made on May 27, it states that it is supporting the LUNA rebirth. The exchange said that LUNA farming, trading and airdrop will be supported on Bitrue as the network transitions to its Terra 2.0.

LUNA Classic Available for Trading

Bitrue acknowledged that despite the fiasco that the Terra network has gone through in the past weeks. The statement added that the exchange still supports the trading of the LUNC, the old LUNA, which has been renamed LUNA Classic. It says that LUNA Classic is still available for trading with several pairs on Bitrue. It adds that the new version of LUNA, LUNA 2.0 will take over the ticker, LUNA, on the trading platform.

According to the blog post,

“Trading for LUNA is going to start on May 28th at 07:00 UTC! (Subject to a smooth launch from the official team) Deposits will be enabled shortly before trading launches, while withdrawals will be enabled approximately 24 hours after.”

It further announced the addition of LUNA in its Power Piggy. The May 28 incorporation of LUNA gives the investors 2% APR. This initial rate allows the user the option of daily payouts and flexibility without a lockup period.

Bitrue Yield Farming

It further states that users of the exchange can farm LUNA after the launch of the LUNA yield farming pool. The launch is also expected on May 28, after the launch of the Terra 2.0. The statement says that users can lock their coins for the lockup period with estimated 7% APY return.

On the expected LUNA airdrop, the platform said,

“While the details are not confirmed at this time, we plan to assist the Terraform Labs team in organizing an airdrop for users who held LUNC and UST at specific times”

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